Love Diptyque's Fig Candle? This $24 Version Gives It A Run For Its Money

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Brooklyn Candle Studio
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Fragrance is one of life's little luxuries — and oftentimes it's priced as such. But even those who have the most nuanced tastes don't have to splurge to find the scent that sets the perfect mood in their home, whether that means welcoming guests for a dinner party or creating a spa-like atmosphere for a soothing bath. In fact, there are a handful of candle brands like Diptyque that smell just as intoxicating for a fraction of the price.

The French fragrance brand is known for its best-selling scents like Figuier (fig tree), Feu de Boi (wood fire), and Lys (lily), among other nature-inspired options. And while diehards swear the candles are worth the hefty price tag (starting around the $70 mark), not everyone's able to come up with that kind of cash for a luxury item. That said, a crop of indie brands on the market have created scents that are arguably as chic and fragrant as Diptyque, plus they'll save you a few bucks.

From scents so similar to your Diptyque faves to those that are a bit more unique, these buzzworthy candle brands are bound to be your new home fragrance obsession. So if you're seeking the most affordable ways to change up the vibe in any room, check out the five ahead, all of which offer options $40 and under.

Maison Louis Marie

This Los-Angeles-based clean fragrance brand makes soy blend candles that will appeal to anyone who loves Diptyque's fresh floral scents, like Lys and Tuberose.

Lilac and green bamboo are the most prominent notes in this fresh, grassy, and floral scent.

Love Diptyque's Ambre candle? Try this Mediterranean inspired one, which balances the woodsy, warm fragrance with notes of eucalyptus, jasmine, and lavender.


Though this buzzworthy brand's new '90s inspired collection is pure pop fantasy, its core collection offers some more classic scents that rival the French brand's faves.

With California fig, ivy greens, and summer dew, this one is perfect to try if you can't stop buying Figuier.

Love Feu de Bois? This one, with Alaskan cedar, smoky embers, and incense will be right up your alley.

P. F. Candles

Known for its California-inspired scents, this LA-based home fragrance brand is like an affordable, hip, bohemian version of the Diptyque: Lots of floral-meets-woodsy smells and a clean, minimalist design.

Ambre fans will love this candle, which subtly balances sage, moss, and lavender.

For a different take on lily, P. F.'s newest scent blends the floral with yarrow and tonka bean for a totally intoxicating combo.

Boy Smells

Beloved for its androgynous scents, this LA-based candle (and more) brand is a fixture in every It Girl's home.

If you opt for a rose-based scent, try this one, which combines tuberose with oakmoss and smoke. It's a more modern take on the classic.

Named after the Lower East Side, this scent balances the sweetness of black current and peach blossom with toasty jasmine rice, cardamom, and white cedar.

Brooklyn Candle Studio

Handcrafted in Brooklyn, these soy candles make a pretty good dupe for some of Diptyque's signature scents — plus the brand's got a ton of different city and nature-inspired options, too.

Freshly picked fig, the essence of summer, is perfectly captured in this candle.

If you love Diptyque's floral Paris En Fleur, you should try out this scent with tuberose, jasmine, and gardenia, inspired by a walk in Paris' Jardin de Tuileries.

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