Toast To Valentine's Day With This Rom-Com Inspired Cocktail

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There's more than one way to celebrate Valentine's Day, from the traditional candlelit dinner with your honey to partying in celebration of your solitude with your fellow single friends. But no matter how you'll be commemorating the occasion this year, there's room for a good stiff drink. And if you need a little inspiration for crafting some truly delicious and different Valentine's Day cocktails, why not turn to a few of your favorite rom-coms?

Even if you're not a complete sap when it comes to this romantic holiday, there are a few films that just always seem to slap a smile across your face — or make you shed a few tears. You just can't deny the feel-good factor that a truly great rom-com always seems to offer, and some of the best also happen to inspire you in more ways than one. From the impeccable wardrobe in Pretty Woman and The Devil Wears Prada to the snappy one-liners in When Harry Met Sally and Bridget Jones Diary, the rom-coms you come back to time and time again seem to seep into your life in the most unexpected ways — so why not channel their essence in a fun cocktail?

Experts from Cocktail Academy and Lillet took the liberty of crafting a few delicious and Valentines Day-ready drinks that capture the spirit of some of the rom-coms you just can't get enough of. So this February 14, whether you're spending the day having a solo Netflix binging session, drinking, and sharing dating horror stories with your favorite single ladies, or whipping up dinner for your love, consider taking on the role of mixologist and trying out these five cocktails that are almost as great of a gift as jewelry.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Cocktail Academy

Cocktail Academy's founder Matt Landes created this tequila-based concoction that also includes Campari, Fino sherry, agave nectar, and fresh lime and grapefruit juice, based on budding romance between the movie's lead characters (hence the garnish of edible flowers). “Much like the unexpected romance that bloomed between Lara and Peter, this drink looks simple on the outside but is packed with flavor and complexity that will leave you wanting to write love letters to all of your old crushes as well,” he says.

Always Be My Maybe

Cocktail Academy

This Netflix rom-com is definitely a more contemporary one, but the age-old tale of will-they-won't-they childhood sweethearts is one that always gets you right in the feels, and Landes used the pairing of the Sasha and Marcus as the inspiration behind this cocktail that similarly blends the unexpected flavors of rose and coconut. "The bold combination of coconut, Liqueur de Rose, and Pisco create a beautiful floral cocktail that is unexpectedly smooth,” he says. To make this one, add Pisco, rose liqueur, lemon juice, coconut cream, and coconut syrup to a shaker filled with ice. Shake, strain, and serve with a lemon twist.

Crazy Rich Asians


The team at Lillet put a modern twist on the Singapore Sling, inspired by the instantly classic rom-com, as the island is where the majority of the movie takes place. This gin-based drink also includes Lillet Rosé, pineapple juice , lime juice , Luxardo cherry syrup (from the jar), and  dash of angostura bitters . After these ingredients are combined, shaken, and strained into a tall glass, add a splash of club soda or garnish with a cherry, lime twist, and orchid — if you've got one handy.

500 Days Of Summer


Two classic summer drinks, sangria and rosé, come together in this cocktail inspired by Tom and Summer's short-lived (but so memorable) romance. To make it, combine two parts Lillet Rose with one part dry gin, one part Fino sherry, one part raspberry puree, and one part grapefruit juice. Batch this drink in a pitcher filled with ice and add fresh mint leaves, raspberries, and blackberries. When serving, top with a splash of sparkling wine for a festive finish.

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