In A Productivity Slump? Try This Surprising Trick

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Not sure who needs to hear this but: You don't have to be accomplished during quarantine. Now is not the time to put pressure on yourself to write the world's most epic novel, master yoga moves you never thought you could manage, or even learn the latest TikTok dance if you just aren't feeing up to anything beyond the status quo. However, some people find that isolation can give you the urge to tackle an overdue domestic task or complete a creative project. And if that describes your current state of mind, some unexpected productivity hacks can help.

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If you've already tried some of the usual suggestions, like making lists or taking online classes and maybe have even gone the route of motivational podcasts or books to help get you going and still not quite gotten the jolt of inspiration you're seeking, perhaps something more out-of-the-box would be your speed. And for that, you can enlist the advice of some life coaches and therapists whose clients have been benefitting from hacks you probably wouldn't have thought of.

From harnessing the powers of manifestation to the virtual hang that'll keep you busy in the best way, the tips ahead could be surprisingly effective for helping you towards your goal — whatever that may be. But also, just know it's also okay to have a day (or several) where the most you accomplish is washing your hair.

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Unexpected Productivity Hack: Manifestation

Kaitlyn Herman, certified life coach and co-host of Quarter Life Crisis podcast, turns to the powers of manifestation when she's feeling stuck. One easy way to try this is by creating a vision board. "You may not feel inspired right now, but that doesn't mean you can't start planning for your future," she explains. Start creating vision boards to help you manifest the life you want to live. You'd be surprised at how many things on your vision board become a reality before the pandemic even ends."

Unexpected Productivity Hack: Drink More Water

You have about a million other reasons to drink more water — and feeling unmotivated is yet another to add to the list. "Being productive is difficult to begin with but it's even more difficult when you're dehydrated," says Herman. "There's a major lack of energy associated with dehydration so make sure your getting that [water] in!"

Unexpected Productivity Hack: Get To Know Yourself Better

Seattle-based therapist Lily Ewing suggests making the most out of isolation by growing in self-awareness — which she believes can make you unexpectedly more productive. One way to do this is by taking a personality test like the Enneagram and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). "These assessments are quick, but they outline your strengths and growth points as an individual so you can be intentional about positive growth, find insight into your relationships, and maximize your natural strengths for increased productivity in the long run as well," she explains.

Unexpected Productivity Hack: Start A Club

The lack of social interaction can be a huge blow to your motivation and productive tendencies. That's why Ewing believes finding creative ways to connect with others can be really valuable during this time, and a virtual club — like a book club — could be a great way to do just that. "Invite your friends to join you in reading through a book and beginning a social-distanced book club," she says. "If a novel doesn’t feel productive enough, going through a self-help book with friends or family and supplementing with good discussion questions might up the ante."