Hair Tools Are Messy — These Organizers Can Help

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Hair tool storage products can keep your bathroom clutter-free
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Hair appliances are good for so many things — straightening, drying, defrizzing, creating Kate Middleton waves — but one thing they are most definitely not is pretty. Not a darn one of them looks any good sitting on your bathroom counter, which is why it would be worthwhile to finally invest in a proper hair tool storage unit. These organizing hacks are about to make your minimalist dreams come true.

If your interior design style doesn't include a mess of power cords and mismatched colors, then you can just go ahead and forget about turning your bathroom into a personal Drybar. That is unless you have a handy organizer to keep all the ugly electricals (along with that 15-year-old round brush) tucked away out of sight. Then, by all means, flip that puppy into a salon.

Most hair tools are more practical than they are aesthetically pleasing, but if you happen to like the look of your collection, you can still keep it on display via a countertop organizer. If, however, you are like the vast majority of us who would rather brush those curling wands and brushes literally under the rug, then you may want to hide them in an over-the-door cabinet caddy instead. Four organization products for your hair appliances, ahead.

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Countertop Organizer

So you're one for a fancy styling tool, you say? And you would hate to put your hard-earned collection away where it won't get the recognition it deserves. Enter: this countertop organizer from Urban Outfitters, a sleek and simple steel stand with three sections for your hair dryer, a curling iron, and a brush or two.

Over-The-Door Caddy

And then there are the people who have purchased hair appliances purely for functionality and never as a fashion statement (ehem, that's you), so they wind up with a ragbag of styling tools lying in a tangled pile on their bathroom sinks. For the unsightly instruments, there's a caddy that hangs over the inside of your cabinet door.

Mirror-Gripping Hair Tool Holder

Let's assume you don't have a lot of space — hence why you're looking at organizational tips! In that case, a nifty contraption like this will free up some room for more important things (makeup?). It features three cups that can rotate if you want to hang it vertically, and the suction mounts will grip onto tile or glass.

Mounted Plug & Style

For all the true hair tool collectors out there, this wall organizer will hold your four favorites in their own ventilated stainless-steel (i.e., burn-resistant) tubes. A concealed power strip and cable organizers make it even tidier, too.

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