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4 Fall 2019 Eyeshadow Trends Your Favorite Celebs Are Loving


It's time to settle into your vanity with a pumpkin spice latte in one hand and your favorite makeup brush in the other — because the top fall 2019 eyeshadow trends have been revealed. And while there are seemingly many to chose from, a lineup of stylish celebrities have whittled down the vast list to just the top four you need to know. And here's the best part about this year's selection: Depending on your current eyeshadow stash, you may not need to buy a single new product. Seriously.

Unless you, you know, want to. Or, for some reason, you don't own a single smoky eyeshadow palette, or have miraculously managed to somehow skip out on accumulating one pan of white; then it may be time for a trip to your favorite beauty store. But as a whole, this season's makeup trends are about how you use traditional shades and shimmers, rather than nailing every single trending color.

To see if you, too, can create the best new trends using palettes and products you already own, just continue reading. Below are four celebrity-approved eyeshadow trends — plus a few recommendations, if you're just now realizing you really don't own a smoky-eye palette anymore.

1. '90s Smoky Eye

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The Trend: That cool-toned, '90s-era, supermodel-famous smoky eye everyone clamored for back in the day? Yup, it's back — in a big way.

Spotted On: Kristen Stewart, Laverne Cox, and Emily Ratajkowski.

How To Pull It Off: Do it exactly like you remember. Or, if you weren't painstakingly smudging your gray eyeshadow into black pencil liner the first time around, then pick up one of the palettes below. They're beginner friendly; each one comes with a dark shade for easy blending.

2. White Shadow

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The Trend: '60s-inspired white eyeshadow, typically complementing inky-black eyeliner.

Spotted On: Lily-Rose Depp, Cardi B, and Dascha Polanco.

How To Pull It Off: Lucky for you, the shadow portion of this trend couldn't be easier: Just pat on your favorite bone-white shade and blend it on top. After that, accent it with a stroke of dark eyeliner at your lashes — or, if you're feeling particularly adventurous, wing out with your go-to black liquid liner.

3. Blocky Placement

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The Trend: Forgoing the standard blending and leaving your shadow lines crisp.

Spotted On: Cara Delevingne, Gabrielle Union, and Brianne Tju.

How To Pull It Off: Unless you have an extremely precise hand, it's time to call in the eyeshadow variants. For this, you can use any color that strikes your fancy; go with a green eyeshadow like Cara Delevingne, Gabrielle Union's pink shade, or Brianne Tju's bold blue liner — which, by the way, can easily double as an "eyeshadow" for these geometric looks.

4. Pre-Holiday Sparkle

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The Trend: Glitter, and lots of it. Blame it on HBO's scintillating Euphoria or a little pre-holiday season excitement — because the sparkle, shimmer, and glitter shades are making an appearance long before their standard winter debuts.

Spotted On: Jameela Jamil, Eris Baker, and Padma Lakshmi.

How To Pull It Off: This is another liquid eyeshadow-friendly trend. Alternatively, you can find some wow-worthy shimmer from traditional pressed shades. Add on a dash of sparkle wherever you deem necessary; you can keep it near your eyeliner, tap it under your brow, or use it to connect your highlighter to your shadow.