You'll Want To Give Green Eyeshadow A Whirl Thanks To Cara Delevingne's Latest Look

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Days after commencing hat season with a leather beret and a tousled bob at the U.S. Open, Cara Delevingne is ready to serve face. Fashion insiders set off to the faraway land known as Brooklyn on Mon., to celebrate 30 years of DKNY at the American label's birthday party — and the model had her sculpted features on full display thanks to an ultra-sleek ponytail and a bold makeup look. It's no secret that green has been one of the fashion set's favorite colors this summer, and Cara Delevingne's green eyeshadow just confirmed the offbeat hue has spot on the mood board for fall.

Donning the minty-green matte shadow, warm bronzer, and a neutral lip, the 27-year-old was channeling I Dream of Jeannie with a sky-high pony and cat-eye liner. Accentuating her striking bone structure and iconic eyebrows, Delevingne opted to bring the eyeshadow past her crease and all the way up to her arches, making her crystal blue eyes pop. Flashing some skin in a cropped white bustier and black slacks, the Paper Towns added a touch of edge to her tuxedo-esque outfit thanks to several stacked gold and silver chains and a cameo from her scattered arm ink.

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On the heels of two seriously stunning multicolored eye looks courtesy of celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge, the model — set to star in forthcoming fantasy series, Carnival Row — has been diving head-first into out-of-this-world beats worth copying at home. The muted pastel hue in her latest look is a safe bet, but you can just as easily opt for a grittier green, if that's more your jam. Whether you're in the mood to stay subtle or make a serious impact, The Zoe Report sourced a shade for you, below.

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