31 Easy Winter Hairstyles To Try When It’s Too Cold To Make An Effort

by Jessica DeFino

The term “vintage” applies to items or trends between 20 and 100 years old (after that, they’re “antique”). So with the arrival of 2020, your favorite ‘90s styles are technically vintage — including the face framing tendrils that seem to have made a major comeback. In fact, eight of the 31 winter hairstyles to try, below, feature face framing tendrils or their cousin, ear framing tendrils.

Vintage-inspired or not, framing your face in any way is cool this season, as evidenced by the smooth edges and bedazzled baby hairs seen on Gabrielle Union, Lupita Nyong’o, and model Joyjah Estrada; or the trés français bangs worn by influencers Alyssa Coscarelli and Sophia Roe (curly) and actress Hilary Duff (wispy). But what’s even cooler? Making a literal statement with your hairstyle. On Jan. 8, stylist Justine Marjan released a rhinestone bobby pin in collaboration with Kitsch, emblazoned with the word “VOTE.” 100 percent of proceeds will go to nonpartisan organization When We All Vote in anticipation of the 2020 election. Expect celebrity sightings soon — Marjan’s clients include Ashley Graham, Khloé Kardashian, Olivia Culpo, and Ashely Tisdale.

Ahead, 31 hairstyles to try this winter, no matter what your vibe — vintage or modern, low-key or high fashion, registered to vote or about to be.


Pulled Back With A Claw Clip


Another "vintage" look that's surprisingly modern: the claw clip.


Pulled Back With A Barette


Pull messy waves away from your face, secure with a French barrette, et voila: chic.


Side-Parted Pixie


Side part your pixie cut and add a statement eye.


Braids With Laid Edges


The braids are beautiful, but I can't stop staring at Gabrielle Union's perfect baby hairs.


Messy, Curly Bangs


Pull your hair back and let your bangs just be. The messier, the better.


Say It With Sparkles

Kitsch x Justine Marjan

Are you registered to vote? Are your friends? How about casual acquaintances and strangers you pass on the street? Wear this to motivate everyone you meet.


Put A Pin In It


Make a bun less fussy by twirling back your hair, skipping the elastic, and loosely securing with an extra-long pin. Release an ear-framing tendril for good measure.


Space Buns & Face-Framing Tendrils


If getting hair inspiration from a six-year-old (North West) is wrong, I don't want to be right.


Add A Thick Headband


Beanie Feldstein said it best: "Eat your heart out, Blair Waldorf."


Go Pink


Who says pink hair and sparkly clips aren't "age-appropriate"? Certainly not Lady Gaga.


Comb Out Your Curls


Add volume by picking your coils at the root, then fluff.


Put A Bow On It


Pull out the bow you wore for your fifth grade class photo, and I think you'll find it's still on-trend.


Topknot With Tendrils


Refresh your go-to topknot with ear framing tendrils.


Crimp It


Hope you kept your crimping iron from back in the day. As the Fall/Winter 2019 runways predicted, it's time to give it another go.


Half-Up & Brushed Out


Copy Lizzo's half-up, brushed-out curls. Confidence not included.


Secure With A Velvet Scrunchie


Nothing says "winter hair" like a soft velvet scrunchie.


Sleek Ponytail


Add intrigue to a simple, sleek pony with origami-inspired folds.


Bedazzled Baby Hairs


Bedazzle your baby hairs with easy-to-use stickers. You don't need an excuse.


Go For Effortless Waves


Give it a comb and leave it alone. Effortlessly chic, no?


Braided Lob


Bored of your bob (or lob)? Braid it back, like Yara Shahidi.


Frizzy Pony


Three words: Embrace The Frizz.


'60s-Inspired Flip


The '60s flip is back, according to Joey King (and hairstylists everywhere). Blast your ends with a blowdryer and a round brush to get the look.


Crown Braid With Wispy Bangs


Make a crown braid feel less "milk maid" by freeing some face framing wisps.


Bent Bob


A slight bend to your bob with a few strategic swipes of a straightener.


Low Bun


You can never go wrong with a low bun, especially when paired with oversize hoops.


High Bun


Or a high bun with small hoops, for that matter.


Thick Tendrils


Lean into the '90s trend with thick, face framing tendrils.


Braids With Thin Tendrils


Thin tendrils work, too, especially accompanied by Americana side braids.


Voluminous Bob


Contrast a sleek middle part with voluminous curls.


Braids With Bangs


Braid your hair, but leave your bangs (and then some) loose.


Put It In A Towel While You Eat Pasta


This is the energy I’m bringing into 2020, honestly.