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7 2020 Haircut Trends That Are Edgy, Easy, & So Sophisticated

Had you asked me as a kid in the early ‘90s, I would have sworn the world would look like a sci-fi film by the year 2020: robots, flying cars, sleek silver uniforms. In actuality, 2020 looks a lot like… well, the past. Fashion lovers are wearing larger-than-life blazers reminiscent of the ‘80s, lip gloss is trending like it’s 2005, and the top 2020 haircut trends could be plucked from the flower power era.

Professionals are predicting a return to ‘60s and ‘70s styles in the year ahead, with a few ‘90s references thrown in for good measure (there’s even a variation on your little brother's bowl cut). “The shag and all of its variants are still rocking and rolling at full force,” Lex Seibel, a hairstylist at Foxtrot in Los Angeles, tells The Zoe Report. “This hair energy isn’t going anywhere — it’s only going to become more of a widely embraced style for a broader group of people.” On one end of the spectrum, you have your long, curly shag: a little softer, a little more feminine. On the other end, you have a shag so severe it's more of a modified mullet, says Tim Duenas, a Master Stylist at Nine Zero One Salon in Los Angeles. “The great thing about this shape is the androgyny of [it],” he tells TZR.

Looking for something a little more subtle? Just add fringe. “We’ve been seeing a lot of ‘60s-inspired references in beauty, like the hair flip — and [fringe] is the next wave,” Marc Mena, a celebrity hairstylist who works with Mindy Kaling and Ashley Benson, tells TZR. “Think classic Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot.” Of course, if retro just isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other styles to choose from, including the ultra-modern jagged bob.

Ahead, discover seven soon-to-be-big haircut trends for 2020.

2020 Haircut Trend: The Grown-Out Shag

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“I’ve been doing loads of shorter shags and soft mullets, which are so easy to maintain and let grow out,” Seibel says. “It’s so rad for people who still want a style that can be built off of their vibe, but have less time to come in for trims.”

2020 Haircut Trend: The Jagged Bob


“I’m loving a jagged bob that clears the shoulders for 2020,” Justine Marjan, a celebrity hairstylist who works with Ashley Graham, tells TZR. “This is a fresh and modern take on the blunt bob that was everywhere for 2019. I love this cut to keep fullness through the ends without the bluntness of a complete blunt cut.”

2020 Haircut Trend: ‘60s-Inspired Fringe

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“I also think that for 2020 there will be some interpretation of a fringe,” Mena says. “This is a really easy way to change up your look without sacrificing length.” He loves a chic, messy, Birkin-inspired curtain bang.

2020 Haircut Trend: The Modified Mullet

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“The mullet is definitely an evolution — it’s not your traditional 1980s moment,” Duenas says. “It’s going to be a little bit closer to the shag with longer lengths on the sides but still a big difference between the front and the back.” Kesha’s recent chop is a prime example.

2020 Haircut Trend: The Clavicle Bob


“For 2020, hairstyles are going to be all about versatility along with effortlessness,” Mena says. “I love ‘the Bobson’” — he's also called it "the clavicle bob” — “which I recently gave to none other than Ashley Benson. This chin-length, choppy bob is super chic and flirty, yet still easy and manageable.”

2020 Haircut Trend: The Tapered Bowl Cut

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Duenas’ favorite reference of the moment? “River Phoenix from the early 90s — think, longer bowl shape in the front with a tighter nape, still allowing for movement.” Charlize Theron recently rocked a version of this look, and strangely enough, it works. “It has a romantic feel to it that allows the hair to fall around and feel free,” the stylist explains.

2020 Haircut Trend: The No-Haircut Haircut

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“Another energy I see being embraced in hair is the flower child vibe — think Woodstock, Monterey Pop Festival, and all of those beautiful heads of long, middle parted hair,” Seibel shares. “For fine hair and full hair alike, this is something I see coming back in a big way.” She cites Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, and Gloria Steinem as inspiration — but for a more modern take, picture Solange, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ciara.