23 Gift Ideas For Moms That Are As Thoughtful As They Are Luxurious


Whether your mom already has everything or you just really, really want to treat her this holiday season (or both), an expensive gift for your mom will definitely do the trick. But if you want to get her something that feels more luxurious and more special than, say, the typical cashmere scarf gift, you have to dig a little deeper for the presents that aren't just luxe, but that were made with such care and precision they almost feel one-of-a-kind.

An Ondine Platine cookware set is one such gift. The seven-piece set costs $4,121, and is hand-crafted and hand-assembled by Italian craftsmen, who make each piece out of the highest grade non-toxic 316ti titanium. It's not just made with high standards, though — it's a stunning set of pans and skillets that will add the finishing touch to an already-beautiful kitchen.

To complete your luxury kitchen gift, consider a set of six Zalto Burgundy wine glasses for $375. Thomas Pastuszak, the wine director at the New York City restaurant The NoMad, told The Strategist in February 2018 that his favorite wine glass comes from this brand — but it's not just the pro-approved aspect that makes it special. Each glass is made by a highly-skilled glass blower, and, according to the brand's website, "echoes the delicate virtuosity of the great Venetian glass artists of the Renaissance." Make it an even sweeter gift by throwing in a rare bottle of Burgundy from a year that holds a place in your mother's heart.

Of course, there are plenty of luxury gifts that don't involve home goods, too. If your mom is a true fashion lover, go in a different direction and give her something that'll truly elevate her closet. While yes, the Loro Piana Regina Cashmere Wrap Cape is technically in the same category as a cashmere scarf, the materials used in Loro Piana's cashmere pieces come with a lengthy backstory that make this piece stand out.

The brand uses fabric gathered from Northern China and Mongolia, which is gathered each spring by goat herders who comb each animal and gather the "delicate underfleece" that's used in production without causing any harm to the goats. And once each piece is completed, they're actually able to be worn in all seasons thanks to both the lightness and the warmth that the brand strives to create through its fabrics. An unbelievably soft cashmere wrap that can be worn year-round? Talk about a gift that keeps on giving.

From lipsticks that are beautiful enough to be jewelry to sheets (literally) fit for a royal, there's no shortage of gifts you can give your mom that feel as special as they do luxe. Ahead, 23 expensive presents to give her this year she's sure to appreciate and enjoy.