21 Day 2 Hair Products That Revive Your Style

Dry shampoo has actually been around since the 1700s — you know, that whole powdered wig look was huge — but it experienced a major renaissance in the late aughts and shows no signs exiting the zeitgeist, well, ever. By giving you a way to skip a day (or two, or three) of washing, drying, and styling without looking like you did, the modern take on dry shampoo has revolutionized busy women’s morning routines. But it really only solves one problem: greasy roots. What about frizz, flatness, and drooping curls? That’s where the latest crop of genius products for day-two hair come in.

“Extending your wash days isn't a trend, it’s a styling choice that women of all hair types have been doing for quite some time, especially women with naturally curly hair,” Leah Stone, Senior Brand Manager of John Frieda Hair Care, tells The Zoe Report. To that end, the brand has just released the Day 2 Revival line, a range of products formulated with a blend of acai (to protect hair from damage with antioxidants) and avocado dry oil (to hydrate dry strands), and meant to be applied to dry hair to revive day two styles for all hair types and textures.

Besides the fact that skipping a day of shampoo can save time and keep hair healthier — washing your hair too often is notoriously drying, and dry strands are more susceptible to damage — Stone maintains there’s another compelling reason to keep yesterday’s look alive: It's the eco-friendly choice. “By cutting back on washing your hair, you can shorten your shower time which conservers up to 70 gallons of water per week,” she says.

John Frieda

So how long can you really go between washes? It’s different for everybody and every hair type. “Finer hair types will need to wash more often and thick, coarse hair types can often go longer between shampoos,” Justine Marjan, a celebrity hairstylist who works with Ashley Graham and Khloé Kardashian, tells TZR. “We all produce different amounts of oil, use different products, and have different environmental factors that are constantly influencing when we need to wash our hair,” she says. “As a general rule of thumb, when it feels dirty, wash it.”

But you can extend the time between shampoos with a little strategic styling. “I love to start with a voluminous blowout on day one and use minimal products so that the hairstyle will last longer,” Marjan says, noting that the more product build up that accumulates on your scalp, the more often you’ll have to wash your hair. “To get the most out of your style, make sure you sleep on silk pillowcase so that you can avoid sleep crease and bedhead in the morning, and refresh your look with Tresemme Basic Care Dry Shampoo at the roots on day two,” she advises.

Aside from dry shampoo, those with straight hair can reach for volumizing powder and shine sprays to add life to slept-in strands, while wavy hair types can benefit from a touch of dry oil at the ends and a spritz of sea salt spray — but refreshing thick curls and tight coils has historically been a little tougher to manage (and as a curly girl, I can attest to this). Thankfully, the market is catching up to the needs of the curly community.

“There are so many options now to refresh curls, including refreshers, rejuvenators, and dry shampoos,” Michelle Breyer, the co-founder of NaturallyCurly.com, tells The Zoe Report. “They contain ingredients to freshen, including apple cider vinegar, charcoal, tea tree and lavender; as well as add moisture with sunflower oil, glycerin, and aloe vera.” Products like John Frieda Day 2 Revival Curl Reset Spray and Alikay Naturals Wake Me Up Curl Refresher keep Type 3 and Type 4 spirals looking fresh (despite the fact that you haven’t sudsed up in days).

Ahead, discover the best products to refresh your day two (or three, or four) hair, no matter what your texture.


Day 2 Revival Dry Shampoo


John Frieda

“For straight hair, our Day 2 Dry Shampoo is a great find to refresh roots and absorb oil,” Stone tells us.

Prime Style Extender


Living Proof

Slather on this styling cream on day one to keep your style going strong. It repels dirt and oil, so hair still looks squeaky-clean days later.

Diamond Shine Spray



Besides adding shine (a must, since dry shampoos have the tendency to dull hair with powder particles), this spray fights static and frizz.

Shooting Star Texture Meringue


Starring by Ted Gibson

This volumizing spray can be used on wet or dry hair to give roots a boost — and who doesn’t love a multitasking product?

Pink Salt + Apricot Hair Texturizing Mist


Seraphine Botanicals

Made with vegan ingredients like apricot and himalayan sea salt, this spray hydrates and refreshes dry hair — and adds a bit of texture, too.


The 'Do Gooder Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray



Vegan corn starch serves as the base in Cake’s dry shampoo, soaking up excess oils and keeping waves in check for an extra day. Bonus: It brushes out without causing product build up on the scalp.

The One Signature Hair Water


Kristin Ess

Instead of re-washing your hair, just mist waves with Kristin Ess’ Hair Water, which quenches thirsty strands and makes hair easier to re-style.

Day 2 Revival Wave Refresh Spray


John Frieda

“For wavy hair, Day 2 Wave Refresh Spray adds a bit of grip and texture to enhance natural tousled waves, or with a bit of light styling, you can create woman-made waves,” Stone says.

Platinum+ Professional Performance 1" Styler



“I love to touch up waves in the morning with the GHD Platinum Plus Styler,” Marjan tells The Zoe Report. “If my hair was pre-styled, I can usually just do a quick pass with the iron or use it to detail the pieces around my face for a polished finish.”

Sea Spray


French Girl

Organic aloe extract acts as a day-two conditioner while sea salt revives waves with an always-chic beach-y effect.


Scalp Revival Charcoal + Biotin Dry Shampoo



Briogeo’s charcoal dry shampoo is genius: Charcoal and clay absorb oil and impurities to keep the scalp healthy, while witch hazel works to regulate oil production so your hair gets less greasy, naturally.

Coconut & Monoi Water Curl Refresher


Design Essentials

“One of our favorites curl refreshers is Coconut & Monoi Water Curl Refresher,” Breyer says of the coconut water-infused and protein-packed styling spray.

Day 2 Revival Smoothing Dry Oil


John Frieda

“Our Day 2 Smoothing Oil can smooth edges while nourishing and moisturizing strands,” Stone tells us. “It can even be used across all hair types, since the formula is versatile for different textures.”

Spiral Spritz



A cult favorite beloved by curly girls, this serum is ultra-moisturizing — which, since curls have the tendency to be on the drier side, is a game-changer.

The Astor Showercap



“Washing less in the colder months helps keeps natural moisture in,” Jacquelyn De Jesu, founder of Shhhowercap, tells The Zoe Report. “Shampoo is what strips it." Skip the shampoo with a stylish shower cap, and your strands will thank you.


No-Poo Quick Cleanser



This “no-poo” cleanses hair sans water, so your scalp stays itch-free and your curls stay bouncy.

Hair Steamer



To re-style tight coils, add a little moisture first with the Q-Redew Hair Steamer. Just fill with water, turn it on, and lightly “steam” curls for extra volume and bounce.

Day 2 Revival Curl Reset Spray


John Frieda

“For curly hair, Day 2 Curl Reset Spray is a game changer, refreshing and hydrating second day curls while adding a bit of hold to keep them looking their best and without the crunch,” Stone says.

Wake Me Up Curl Refresher


Alikay Naturals

Beyer cites this refreshing spray as one of her favorites, as it adds moisture, shine, and definition in just a few spritzes.

Awe Inspiraling Spray



If you loaded up on curl products on day one, reach for this spray to revive blah hair on day two (and beyond). It doesn’t include any ingredients that add extra hold; it simply reactivates the products you’ve already used.

Silk Sleep Bonnet


Shhh Silk

Keep curls frizz-free overnight by sleeping with Shhh Silk’s silk sleeping cap, which keeps hair hydrated (since silk locks in moisture) and mitigates breakage.