Must-Have Sea-Salt Sprays That Won’t Dry Out Your Hair

As far as double-edged beauty swords go, sea-salt sprays definitely cut both ways. We covet the easy, tousled locks they impart (à la the Olsens and Miroslava Duma), but we cringe at the crunchy, dried-out strands that can result. The culprit also happens to be the key to creating that beachy style. While not exactly celebrated for its hydrating benefits, salt is what provides the grit and texture essential for a windswept look. So what’s a girl to do? Spritz on a sea-salt spray that’s infused with a hefty dose of moisturizing ingredients to counteract potentially drying side effects. Ahead, we’ve rounded up our favorite solutions to score just-took-a-dip-in-the-ocean strands that don’t skimp on softness.

Vanessa Jackman

Tousled & Touchably Soft

Sweet-almond extract is the secret to lush, surfer-girl-inspired hair—sans the crunch—via this wave spray that doubles as a leave-in conditioner.

For your happily hydrated, moisturized strands, thank the sea kelp. For the luminous shine, thank the argan oil. And for the compliments that are guaranteed to come your way, you're welcome.

Moisturizing strands is just one of the benefits this tropical paradise-in-a-bottle offers. It deeply nourishes thanks to organic bamboo extract and Tahitian coconut, defends against UV damage and preserves color. Oh, and shout-out to the delectable mango-coconut scent.

It doesn't get more authentic than this luxe mist, which is formulated to mimic the texture of fresh-from-the-ocean strands while imparting an airy softness courtesy of rose water and algae extract.

If the mere mention of "mermaid" isn't enough to convince you that this texturizing spray delivers on its promise of silky-soft strands, then the nourishing blend of moisturizing organic aloe vera and sea kelp extract will make you a believer.

The wallet-friendly way to score frizz-free, touchably soft and well-defined waves.

Sea salt for texture plus tropical oils for softness equals the recipe for a best-of-both-worlds wave spray.

We love it when a product cuts to the chase—case in point, this aptly named spray that gives us gently tousled waves with a boost of bombshell volume for good measure.