13 Gold Wedding Hair Accessories That Are Subtle, But Stunning


As anyone who’s gone through the experience knows, planning a wedding can require a lot of work. And while every piece of the puzzle of organizing the big day is important, you certainly can’t ignore the priority of putting together your bridal look. While finding the perfect dress to wear as you walk down the aisle is easily considered the primary focus of your ensemble for the day, the power of accessories should never be ignored. So, if you’re looking for a pretty alternative to a veil or a tiara, why not opt for some gold hair accessories for your wedding instead?

At this point, you’ve probably seen your fair share of hair clips, barrettes, headbands, and more to incorporate into your everyday look, making the search for gorgeous hair accessories easier than ever before. However, if you’re thinking that these might be too casual for something as important as your wedding, don’t fret; just because this chic and Instagram-friendly trend has become a viral sensation among fashion girls everywhere doesn’t mean it isn’t suitable for your nuptials. If anything, due to their subtlety, they make an even bigger statement than the standard bridal accoutrements. And when they come in gold, they’re simply stunning.

If you want something that feels like a modern take on the traditional tiara, a romantic headband is just what you need. This dainty Laureli Headband from Maggie Wu, which costs $210, will turn an already-beautiful bridal ensemble into a whimsical dream. Or, if you’d rather have something that feels more modern and streamlined while still making a bold statement, this Glossy Pin Pearl Halo from Lelet will easily do the trick, and costs $288.

Though larger pieces tend to be the more natural statement when it comes to bridal hair accessories, barrettes have been the leading force behind the resurgence of the hair clip trend, and they make no exception for wedding style. This minimalist $65 Slim Barrette 023 from Sylvain le Hen is so beautifully chic, you’ll want to wear it every day after you say “I do,” too. For the bride who considers herself to be on the unconventional end, this Balmain Paris Hair Couture Gold-Tone and Metallic Leather Hairclip will be the coolest piece you wear, and costs $360.

Just in case you’re looking for even smaller options to choose from, Rosantica has a Set of Three Gold-Tone Faux Pearl Hair Pins for $120, which you can place in a beautifully styled updo for your wedding. Want a more affordable option? You can get this trio of floral hair pins from Pixie Market for just $20.

Now that you’ve set your heart on wearing a pretty gold piece for your wedding, scroll down to shop more stylish options below. And for an especially unique look, try wearing gold and silver accessories together.