This Is Glossier’s Best-Selling Product Of 2018


Whether you count yourself amongst the countless dedicated fans of Glossier's line of beauty products, or you've yet to add them to your arsenal, you have, more than likely, heard good things about the über popular brand. Since its official launch in 2014, at which point the brand offered just three (instantly popular) products, it has steadily grown to become a beauty cabinet favorite for celebrity makeup artists, beauty editors, and just about everyone in between. As in past years, this year brought with it a bestselling year for new additions to the Glossier line and mainstays alike, with ten of them earning their place as top Glossier products of 2018. If you're a fan of the no makeup-makeup look, you'll want to make sure you stock up on these goodies ASAP.

From the moment Glossier burst onto the beauty scene in 2014, it has swiftly and consistently become synonymous with dewy, natural beauty. And considering that the brand's tag line is "skin first. makeup second.", the status seems rightfully earned. With its full line of skincare and color makeup products that celebrate skin instead of covering it up, it has become a go-to for those after a glowing complexion — and while just about all of Glossier's products have become mainstays in many a makeup bag this year, some stand above the rest at absolute essentials.

At the top of the heap is the reigning queen, the holy grail, one-and-done Boy Brow. As Glossier's number one bestselling product, this $16 brow filler, shaper, and groomer is basically all you need to make sure your brows look full and shapely, and stay that way all day long. It's got a creamy wax formula that gives pliable hold to brows, and comes in four shades: black, brown, blond, and clear. Chose the shade closest to your brow color, or opt for clear if you want the soft texture and taming effects, without the pigment. A couple swipes is all it takes to enhance those face-framing brows of yours — no multi-step eyebrow routine required.

Also amongst 2018's most popular products is Glossier's newly revamped Generation G. After taking in feedback from users over the past several months, the beauty brand relaunched its $18 lipstick with new and improved (and way more luxe looking) packaging, and a smoother, more matte formula. The bestselling product is still available in the same six shades, all of which are incredibly wearable for day or night, and still have the super-buildable quality that allows wearers to go from a sheer wash of color to a boldly colored lip with a few swipes. Try Zip, a true poppy red, for a vibrant holiday lip.

On the skin care side of things, be sure to snag a bottle of Glossier's constantly sold out Solution while it's stocked on site. The $24 chemical exfoliant is not only one of the more affordable formulas of its kind out there these days, it's also backed with a ton of clinical research that proves its efficacy. Each bottle, which'll last you about three months, is chock full of gentle but hard-working exfoliators like Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), and Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA). They'll sweep away dead skin cells to free the fresh skin beneath, meaning you can expect smoother, clearer skin with each use.

While you're revamping your skin care routine, swap your usual cleanser for the brand's long-loved Milky Jelly Cleanser, $18 per bottle. It's safe for sensitive skin thanks to its gentle formula of rosewater, vitamins, and poloxamer (that's the same stuff that cleans contact lenses!), but washes away all traces of makeup and grime. Fans love that it can be used to get rid of heavy-duty eyeliner and mascara without irritating eyes.

And with those products, you'll have just scratched the surface of what Glossier has to offer — there is still so much more worth trying. While you're stocking up, snag the rest of the brand's top ten most popular products in 2018 below to give your beauty routine a glowy update. Your skin will thank you.