The Target Coffee Table That Everyone’s Going To Ask You About

Alena Ozerova/Shutterstock

While the appeal of a mid-century modern or minimalist aesthetic is not lost on, well, anyone, you can’t deny the charm and sophistication of a rustic accent piece. Sturdy steel framing, reclaimed wood, and weathered finishes all lend a farmhouse- or cabin-chic edge to a room that’s quite eye-catching. And, just because this throwback decor lends itself to the pricey antique category, doesn’t mean it’s designated to it. In fact, there are plenty of affordable rustic coffee tables that will cost you next to nothing and still do quite a number on your living room or office.

So, first and foremost, what exactly qualifies a piece as rustic, you ask? Well, simply put, rustic decor is that which is designed with an emphasis on rugged, natural beauty. So earth tones, nature-inspired textures, and warm, cozy looks are all some of the key elements here. And, traditionally, you’re probably thinking bearskin rugs, dark brown leather sofas, robust, heavy wooden chairs and tables, and everything else you might find in a lumberjack's cabin in the woods — and you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. However, there’s a new wave of contemporary rustic decor that’s still earthy at heart but with a sleek modern edge, to boot.

Modern rustic decor consists of raw, natural elements like wood and stone set against cleaner, more structured silhouettes. It can also mean incorporating lighter tones to offset the traditionally rich and dark earthy ones that are common in rustic furniture. If you’re going the coffee table route, this could mean grabbing a two-tier wooden piece with a softer shade of wood and steel or metal framework and clean lines. It could also mean selecting a table with subtle elements of the rustic aesthetic. Maybe the table top itself is reclaimed wood or stone and the rest is a clean ivory or gold metal. Either way, you're getting the same outdoorsy, natural effect, without going overboard.

And, if you’re a purist when it comes to your rustic taste, there’s a table for you, too. Despite the rise of minimalist and Mid-Century modern furniture, brands are still embracing earthy styles that make a living space feel homey and lived-in — and the options are endless. Super-raw tree-trunk tables, simple, yet elegant all-wood centerpieces, and even old-fashioned steamer trunks are all offered in abundance, proving that going natural with your coffee table is still very much a thing. The beauty of going extreme with a rustic table is that it serves as an accent piece for your room, and you don't have to much else around it.

Again, all these options might sound like they cost a pretty penny, as does anything to do with home decor. But, rest assured, adding a rustic coffee table to your home mix can actually be an economical move — if you know where to look. To assist you on your search for the perfect living room focal point, ahead, you’ll find 10 rustic coffee tables — ranging from the modern to the quintessentially traditional — that won’t cost you more than $100. Consider your living room upgraded.