10 Designer-Approved Home Decor Gifts For The Minimalist In Your Life


The very nature of being a minimalist usually means having a preference for less stuff — specifically less clutter in general and a penchant for clean, sleek designs and a restricted color palette as opposed to a ton of bright colors, loud patterns, and over-accessorizing. That said, shopping for home decor gifts for someone who fits this description can often be a bit tricky.

Once you get a real sense of what great minimalist design looks like, however, this task gets a whole lot easier. For example, think sleek over stark. As Los Angeles-based interior stylist Abby Pendergrast explains, "To avoid erring on the cold or stark side, I usually stick to a simple color palette — like black, white, grey, and tan — go heavy on textures, and anything to create a simple yet peaceful environment." And an additional tip, according to the design guru, is to imagine any piece your considering in the recipient's space before buying. "Whatever I am shopping for, I always take into consideration if the piece will be able to be displayed in a simple and organized way," she offers.

As for what items are always a hit with minimalist, take the advice of Black Lacquer Design founder Caitlin Murray. "Shop for items that will either be useful or will foster a little self-care, and you can't go wrong," she says. If you're still overwhelmed on what to get, Pendergrast, Murray, and a handful of other design experts have weighed in on their favorite minimalist home decor gifts this year. Ahead, find the 10 pieces they're coveting now, including stylish pieces for a chic tabletop, beautifully packaged home fragrance, and more ahead.

Abby Pendergrast, Interior Stylist

If you're considering the tried-and-true candle for a gift for your minimalist loved one, just be sure to find one that's not too frilly or frou-frou. Pendergrast particularly loves this one from boutique brand Maison Louis Marie for its intoxicating scent, but super-simple design.

Minimalism doesn't mean boring — even when it comes to dishware. Pendergrast picked out these spotted bowls from West Elm which, as she says, "offer a little pop of print and would be perfect on open kitchen shelving, ready for a dinner party."

When it comes to minimalism, you can't go wrong with a black-and-white scheme, but you can balance out the crispness of that palette with some soft textures. This alpaca throw is the perfect solution. "Cozy up with this throw on the couch, or neatly fold at the end of the bed," Pendergrast says. "It's perfect for snuggling up during the winter months."

Art makes such a beautiful gift option, but if you're finding a piece for a fan of minimalism, consider a "less is more" approach. "I love giving a simple and graphic print," Pendergrast shares. "It can be a statement piece on its own or layered into an existing gallery wall."

Caitlin Murray, Founder and Interior Designer for Black Lacquer Design

Home fragrance is always a great gift option, and Murray hand-picked this diffuser for its clean design. And at just $20 it also happens to be super affordable.

If you've got the budget for furniture, this sleek table lamp is a guaranteed win for a lover of minimalism.

Edyta Czajkowska, Founder and Designer of EDYTA & CO

As Czajkowska explains, "There are many beautiful gift options to choose from that are striking yet useful and can easily be displayed as objet d-art." So while these Aerin coasters are a bit pricey, they also happen double as chic decor.

Bookends are something one rarely buys themselves, which is why they can be especially great gift ideas. These modern, marble ones from Design Within Reach will feel like little works of art in any home.

Liz Curtis, Founder of Table + Teaspoon

Glassware can be fun and minimal, as is the case with these Jonathan Adler highball glasses, which Curtis says are "the perfect juxtaposition of clean lines and swoon-worthy bright colors." If you're not sure about color in your minimalist's home, stick with white ones.

Another form-meets-function gift idea is this ultra-modern vase. "Functioning as both vase and sculpture, this sleek silver vase is a gorgeous piece for your favorite minimalist," says Curtis.