This Petrified Wood Coffee Table Is $32,800 — & It’s Worth Every Penny

Courtesy of Andrianna Shamaris

When you hear the words "petrified wood," luxury décor might not be the first thing that comes to mind. An old forest, maybe, or something Ross Geller was obsessed with in Friends — but it's doubtful a $32,800 petrified wood coffee table is what you picture immediately. Whatever you associate with the term, though, cast it from your mind — because Andrianna Shamaris is bringing a new face to the material, and it's about to dismiss any preconceived notions you may have had. Oh, and the five-figure price tag is legit.

Take one look at the Andrianna Shamaris website and you'll see that these aren't mass-produced products. And in the case of the brand's petrified wood collection, the creation of each piece entails the painstakingly thorough task of finding the highest-quality petrified wood to use in each unique creation — a process that isn't quick.

"The process is long to source it," explains creative director Andrianna Shamaris in an email with The Zoe Report. "The wood is buried and we have to make sure it's stable [and] solid." Aesthetics and quality have to be taken into account as well. "We only select the logs that are special and with minimal cracks," she says — and it becomes even more clear why she's earned the title "The Furniture Hunter" by outlets like The New York Times.

That's not the only reason this table has a $32,800 price tag, though. This particular piece comes with a three-inch thick tabletop, and is made of two pieces of wood joined together for a large width of 54 inches. Coupled with the fact that the wood itself has natural contrasting tones, it's a rarity in the world of petrified wood.

Andrianna Shamaris

If you're still wondering what petrified wood even is, Britannica defines it as "a fossil formed by the invasion of minerals into cavities between and within cells of natural wood." In other words, it's a material that was once wood, but was turned into a fossil after being buried, deprived of oxygen, and then had its wood fibers replaced by minerals. Casual.

Considering the fact that the product used to make the table is a literal fossil, it pretty much goes without saying that it's unique. But for Shamaris, the reason it's such an appealing material goes beyond just the age.

"In my opinion, the reason petrified wood is so special is because these are fossils turned into stunning furniture pieces," she says enthusiastically via email. "The petrified wood is natural, not man-made, and the grain in the wood and colors is fantastic — sometimes even with crystals within the wood! These are the main reasons why I'm drawn toward the beautiful, million-year-old logs."

Naturally, the process of creating furniture from petrified wood goes beyond the search, too. Once the perfect piece is discovered, the team at Andrianna Shamaris uses a machine that polishes the very hard fossil similar to the way a diamond is polished, giving it a smooth finish.

"The machine we have is a very special grinder," Shamaris explains of the process. "These have to be polished slowly — otherwise there's a lot of damage and wastage, especially for the ones we shape, such as the drum shapes and the modern cut log benches. Right at the end, after we have used our special grinder, we add a secret wax with the grinder that brings the petrified wood to a super high glass-like finish."

Andrianna Shamaris

You'll also be pleased to know that the $32,800 piece can serve more than one use, too. While it's listed as a coffee table on the site, the description states that should you wish, the table top can also serve as a counter top or a dining table instead.

On top of that, the petrified wood used is very versatile; the description of this particular table even explains that the material is "great inside a bathroom shower," which means getting it wet shouldn't be an issue; to that end, great care was taken to make this a table that'll be a unique, durable piece in your home and last for years to come. So yes, it may have a price tag akin to a car, but the cost is arguably justified. Some might even say it's worth every penny.

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