These Valentine's Day Gifts Will Give Any Beauty Lover A Much-Needed Moment Of Zen

Give someone a slice of zen with relaxing Valentine's Day beauty gifts, like a sativa-infused face m...

When it comes around each year, Valentine's Day can be a bit stressful in and of itself — everyone just spent a sizable amount on gifts for friends and family during the holidays, and the lovey-dovey holiday comes after an unavoidable rush during the first month of the fresh year. So, it's the perfect opportunity to pamper (and be pampered) with chill-inducing treats that combat stress. And for that, look no further than the slew of relaxing Valentine's Day beauty gifts up for grabs across the Internet. These are presents you'll want to drop a hint or two for, STAT.

Of course, one of the easiest ways to infuse a bit of zen into anybody's life is by gifts that upgrade their daily routines. The idea is to find thoughtful presents that promote relaxation and provide a seamless solution; don't go for anything that would add complicated steps or further contribute to a stressful environment. Thankfully, for beauty lovers the Valentine's Day shopping is relatively easy since there's plenty of products out there centered on self-care and chilling out. Your biggest problem will be parting with the gifts, because some are seriously too good to give away.

These days, the concept of chilling out is basically incomplete unless some CBD is involved — so a sweet gift that involves the relaxation-promoting ingredient is a total no brainer. Snag the hemp-infused Hello, Calm face mask, $50, from Origins for upgraded masking sessions (it's ultra-calming and hydrating, plus the heavenly smell is instantly soothing). Or, grab a CBD sampler kit from Fleur Marché, $50, that offers a discovery experience for hemp product newbies. It comes with a restful sleep supporting CBD skin patch, Saint Jane's luxury face serum, and more.

Can't go wrong with gifts that make a long, relaxing bath more enticing than ever, like this Soaking Salt Flight, $84, from The Little Market, or the Coco Rose Body Polish that comes inside Herbivore Botanicals' Coco Rose Luxe Hydration Trio, $39. Or, make moments at home feel like a spa experience with Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare's Pro Facial Steamer, $149, or cult-fave massage boutique The NOW's Classic Body Oil, $78, which can be used as a daily moisturizer or an at-home massage oil. Talk about relaxing, right?

Get inspired by more zen beauty gifts to give (and receive) for Valentine's Day, below.