I've Tested A Bunch Of Lip Products & This Is The One I Always Wear Under My Mask

Kelsey Stewart

I'm not particularly proud to admit this, but I recently discovered 17 lip products in my everyday Cuyana leather makeup satchel. I'm fully aware that this might sound a bit (OK, very) absurd to most, but putting on a bold lip for the day has always made me feel more confident. And clearly, I like to have a variety of options to choose from. Though safety is my top priority, I'm still experimenting with lipsticks you can wear with a mask. Even underneath a mask, it's rare you'll catch me without a strong lip look.

Full disclosure: Not all of these lipsticks will leave your mask completely spotless upon removal, but they sure come pretty darn close. To best avoid transfer, I like to let my lip product dry for about 10 to 15 minutes before putting on my mask and heading out the door. That said, if you are concerned about the product getting all over your mask, a liquid lipstick is the way to go. As these formula's typically dry matte and budge-proof, you'll find little to no product on your mask.

Some of the liquid products I've found working well during mask-wearing season are Stila's Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick (below, before-and-after photos from wearing a mask for an hour) and Honest Beauty's Liquid Lip. Both never fail to disappoint when it comes to comfortable wear and lasting throughout the day — even with the five cups of iced coffee I drink daily.

Before Wearing My Mask With Stila's Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick On

Kelsey Stewart

After Wearing My Mask With Stila's Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick On

Kelsey Stewart

But if a creamy, buttery smooth formula is more your speed, there are some products I've found that don't make a huge mess. One is MAC's cult-classic Matte Lipstick. For a virtual or social distance date night, swipe on its vibrant red Ruby Woo and you'll be getting endless compliments.

When it comes to liquid lipsticks, I don't think a lip liner is absolutely needed. But for a creamy lipstick, it'll probably help your look from smudging. When I do opt for a lip liner, I'll put out my trusty Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat. I don't personally use primer for my lips, but to further lock-in the product, it's worth testing out.

Though I'm a lip gloss devotee, I've found they are sadly high-transfer underneath a mask. I attempted to wear my beloved Fenty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer, however the glossy texture ended up transferring onto my mask more than I would've liked. So if there's any lip product to stray away from, it's a glossy finish. If you're also one to wear a bold lip underneath your mask, ahead, find 10 picks that have displayed some impressive staying power. Whether you love a good liquid or cream, I can attest to the fact that the options below won't let you down.

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Lipstick You Can Wear With A Mask: MAC's Matte Lipstick

MAC's classic matte lipstick is super creamy compared to most matte formulas out there. With that said, it does transfer a tad onto a mask, but I can assure your lips will still look fresh once your mask is removed. Since the finish already gives a lovely shine, a lip gloss on top isn't totally necessary. It comes in a slew of shades, but I'm always reaching for Whirl (a dark mauve).

Lipstick You Can Wear With A Mask: Charlotte Tilbury's Matte Revolution

Charlotte Tilbury's Matte Revolution lipsticks are one of the most comfortable matte formulas I've tried. The product is as smooth as butter, and stays put the majority of the day. And as the product dries down matte, I've found it to last underneath my mask. I've tried quite a few shades, though I'd have to say my favorite is Very Veronica (a rosy mauve).

Lipstick You Can Wear With A Mask: Honest Beauty's Liquid Lip

Honest Beauty's Liquid Lipstick was love at first swipe. The formula is ultra-creamy, but dries without a crusty feeling like some liquid formulas leave you with. When worn underneath my mask, it looks just as lovely after taking it off. And at only $14.99, it's worth trying out a few of its gorgeous shades.

Lipstick You Can Wear With A Mask: Gucci's Rouge à Lèvres Voile Sheer Lipstick

If you're into a sheer finish, test drive Gucci's Rouge à Lèvres Voile Sheer Lipstick under your mask. While it doesn't deliver staying power like a liquid or matte lip, I'd say it's pretty good for a sheer option. To give my look a pretty pop of violet, I'll go with the shade Marina. Plus, the retro floral packaging might be reason enough to purchase.

Lipstick You Can Wear With A Mask: Stila's Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

As shown above, this liquid lip looks just as good after wearing a mask for an hour. Give it 30 seconds or so to dry, and it won't budge (I promise). Color wise, I'm drawn to Patina, a dusty rose.

Lipstick You Can Wear With A Mask: YSL x Zoë Kravitz Rouge Pur Couture

Zoë Kravitz x YSL Lipstick launched in 2019 with six beautiful shades. I'm partial to any pinky-mauve hue, so Maris' Nude is my go-to. The matte finish stands up to my mask, resulting in an equally on-point pout upon removal. And the sparky packaging is the cherry on top. But keep in mind that it's limited edition, so consider snagging one stat.

Lipstick You Can Wear With A Mask: Fenty's Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color

On the rare occasion you might have a reason to swipe on a vivid red lip during quarantine, give Fenty's Stunna Lip Paint in Uncensored a whirl. But the product also comes in a few subtle neutral shades, perfect for an afternoon spent in the park. It truly doesn't move once applied, so you can wear it all day under your mask.

Lipstick You Can Wear With A Mask: Kylie Cosmetic's Matte Liquid Lipstick

I've been a huge advocate for Kylie Cosmetic's Matte Liquid Lipstick since its initial launch, so much so that I've gone through at least three tubes of Dolce K. My roommates would joke about the few times I left the lipstick on overnight (no, I don't recommend this), and how it still remained intact until the next morning. The same goes underneath a mask.

Lipstick You Can Wear With A Mask: Bossy Cosmetics' Liquid Matte Genius Lipsticks

Though I've yet to try out Bossy Cosmetics' products, I'm intrigued by the brand's Liquid Matte Genius Lipsticks. According to its website, the best-selling liquid lipsticks deliver high pigmentation with velvety finish, which is everything and more to ask for in a liquid formula.

Lipstick You Can Wear With A Mask: Lipstick Queen's Lipdulgence Lip Mousse

Lipstick Queen's Lipdulgence Lip Mousse is the first mousse-based lipstick I've tried, but it surely has me itching to test more. The whipped cream like formula dries down to a soft finish, and lasts for a good three or four hours. And I didn't find it to transfer onto my mask, so it's a win, win.