How Wearing A Mask Completely Changed My Makeup Routine

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A woman wearing an orange coat and a face mask

Much like the rest of the world, I spent the first few weeks in quarantine being grateful for my health and the fact that I no longer had to leave the house, let alone put on makeup or fuss with my hair. Despite years of preaching quite the opposite to both myself and my friends, it turns out I do get dressed and wear makeup for other people. Weird. And now, after months of being bare-faced, I almost enjoy putting on makeup — even if wearing makeup with a mask on feels, well, different.

I’ve also spent the better part of the last four months trying to recalibrate a standard I’ve come to take for granted. Usually, when I think of my face, I think of it with makeup on: skin tone evened with foundation, imperfections blurred with concealer, eyes widened with a healthy few swipes of mascara. But as my new routine set in and I no longer put on makeup to go outside — or take it off only when I knew I wouldn’t be leaving again — I began to look at myself in the mirror sans makeup almost as an exercise in familiarity. Now, putting on makeup feels like a treat, rather than the standard by which I judge my face.

That said, there’s still a few changes to my routine; wearing makeup with a mask can lead to breakouts and irritation, and if nobody can see what’s going on under my mask, should I even bother applying makeup there? (Not no.)

Ahead, my new beauty routine in a post-COVID world, plus the products I use when I’m wearing a mask.

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