This Spa Device Is The Ultimate Gift For Jet-Setters Staying Home This Year

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Even your very own backyard can feel like an escape with a little innovation and creativity, and considering the fact that going out of town is an option many won't be able to take advantage of this year, you're going to need a little of that — especially in terms of holiday gift giving. When it comes to gifts for the travelers in your life, you've usually got a few go-tos: The latest (and chicest) headphones, journals to jot down his or her many adventures, and a stylish suitcase to pack everything into. But what about the jet-setters who'll be staying safely at home this year? Finding ways to bring some of their favorite elements of travel into the comfort of their own homes is key.

Hotel life is one of the quintessential pleasures of traveling, and one you can help them recreate at home. For example, some luxurious new linens or a cozy robe can do wonders for upgrading their lounging. And in terms of treatments, consider the wealth of tools for the face and body that can make your travel-loving friends feel like they've created their very own at-home spa — complete with the most advanced devices. And if that's out of your price range, a few pampering goodies and a candle inspired by an exotic locale can also make them feel totally transported.

Another beloved element of a truly great trip? The local food and drinks. And since they likely won't be heading to wine country anytime soon, how about a trio of California red wines? Or if they're missing authentic Italian food, a gift basket full of pantry goods from Tuscany could spark memories of past travels or tide them over until they're able to head overseas. Some worldly cookbooks can also help on the travel inspiration front.

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And lastly, if it's outdoor activities they look forward to when traveling, help them enjoy their current surroundings a bit more with a gift that elevates an otherwise ordinary experience. One idea? Designer boots to make their next hiking journey so much more stylish. And if all else fails, you can't go wrong with a good road trip/travel novel, like pretty much anything by Hemingway, Steinbeck, or Kerouac. Ahead, find all these aforementioned ideas to help you cater to the most wanderlust-obsessed folks on your list this year.

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