This $60 Tech Gift Is Perfect For Your Skin-Care-Loving Friend

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As complicated as the world can be, there are certain aspects of it that are kind of a breeze thanks in part to the technology gods who've helped people hack so many aspects of daily life: skincare, cooking, exercising, etc. In fact, even making an end-of-day cocktail can be done with the touch of a finger now. That's why cool tech gifts are often the most covetable and crowd-pleasing of them all around the holidays. You truly can't go wrong with a state-of-the-art device that makes a simple task even simpler.

And the beauty of this gifting category is that it can run the gamut. Yes, a tablet or TV is fantastic and incredibly generous to offer a loved one. However, your options for technological treasures are varied enough that you can touch virtually every room in the home — and every type of person on your list.

For your friend who loves to cook and entertain, for instance, there are smart blenders with wireless connection capabilities and instant cocktail machines that can whip up classic drinks in seconds. For the fitness guru in your life, there are now wall mirrors that serve as virtual home gyms and sleek, tiny rings that track everything from your sleep patterns to heart rate. For the music lover, noise-cancelling headphones and speakers that double as bookshelves allow them to hear their favorite tunes wherever they are in the world or in the home.

So if you're down to the wire on your holiday shopping list, don't worry — there's still hope. The following gifts are not only totally covetable and cutting-edge but also yours for the taking. Check out the 10 tech-y treasures anyone would be thrilled to receive this holiday season.