These Seriously Cool Boxing Gloves Will Make Your Fitness-Loving Friend Amped To Hit The Gym

Jacob Lund/Shutterstock

You've gotta give it up to those who dutifully — no, enthusiastically — show up to their regular gym sessions and genuinely get their kicks from that sweat-drenched, post-workout euphoria. But that doesn't mean you have to understand them. You do, however still have to shop for gifts for your cardio-loving friends this year, which means — if only temporarily — you need to take a peek into their high-intensity world to find that special something that will make them even more psyched to head out for a run or hike or whatever their preferred method of sweating it out may be.

There are the fitness fans that opt for something a little more low key, like a vinyasa yoga class or casual morning walk. But if you're shopping for someone this holiday season who'd rather be boxing, taking a trampoline class, jumping rope, or running as a means of working out, there are just some gifts she'll appreciate more than others. It might help if you think about things that can make her sweat sessions either a little more luxe or a little more efficient — think sleek, sweat-proof leggings that conveniently hold her smart phone or wireless ear buds that won't budge when she goes for a run.

You can also consider the recovery aspect. Since she's regularly pushing her body physically, she might benefit from a muscle-soothing CBD balm, or, if you're up for a bit of a splurge, a percussive therapy device that treats pain and helps her bounce back quicker.

Then of course you can look for accessories or equipment pieces that allow her to do some of her favorite workouts at home, like a mini trampoline, pro-level jump rope, or boxing gloves that are actually super stylish. Need a few more ideas? See ahead for 15 gifts that will have any cardio fan feel even more motivated than they already are — which is saying a lot.