The $30 Piece You Need To Complete The Perfect Cozy Couch This Winter


With the current weather forecast looking unbelievably cold (to put it lightly), it would be fairly safe to assume you're aiming to cozy up inside as much as possible. But before you go into full hibernation-mode, do yourself a favor and find some cheap cozy throw blankets to keep you extra warm — with spine-chilling temperatures sweeping across the country, snuggling on your couch is your best bet at survival.

Not to be dramatic, but super-cold weather is seriously miserable. A light snow here and there is admissible — enjoyable, even — but when a weather system that's literally called a Polar Vortex descends upon the northern half of the nation, it's sensibly cause for some alarm. Hunkering down inside your home is pretty much the only option, and it helps to be prepared so there's no chance you'll have to go outside. And what's better than a super-luxe, snuggly blanket to keep you warm? One that rings in at under $50, that's what.

Throw blankets, while obviously functional, are also a way to make a fashionable statement in your home. The problem is, some of the prettiest ones don't always come with the most practical price tag — or so you thought. Turns out, there's plenty of cozy and chic throw blankets available that won't bust your budget, and if there were ever a time to buy one, it's right now.

Get your hands on a cheap but luxe-looking faux fur throw blanket from Target's Project 62 collection, for just $34.99. The winter-white imitation fur throw is ideal for giving your couch a glam touch, and keeping you warm. If you want the warmth of a faux fur, but prefer a more classic pattern, snag Pottery Barn's Houndstooth Sherpa Throw, $49, with features the traditional print on one side, and insulating faux sherpa on the other.

Or take the opportunity to infuse some color into your space by opting for a throw blanket in a bolder shade that still coordinates with your color scheme. West Elm's Modern Railroad Plaid Throw in Bright Star, currently down from $59 to $29.99, is an easy way to incorporate 2019's coral color trend — plus it's incredibly soft so you'll never want to stop snuggling under it.

Before the continuing winter weather forces you to camp out beside your radiator, shop some of the most stylish throw blankets under $50 from across the web, below.