We Went On A Quest To Find The Best Non-See-Through Leggings

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A model crouching and smiling in black non-see-through leggings and a matching top

If you haven’t discovered mid-workout that your underwear is exposed and your leggings are entirely see-through, you’re missing out on a seminal experience. (Like prom, but somehow more horrifying.) That’s because sheer workout leggings have become a universal issue. With that in mind, the best solution you can employ is squat testing different leggings you're considering before you buy. Whether they be from well-known brands or under-the-radar label, this easy mirror test — simply squat and bend over while checking in the mirror for visible underwear — can aid in the quest to find the ones that are both cute and not see-through.

Once you pick up a pair of these non-sheer leggings, make sure you’re washing them correctly to help ensure they don't turn see-through. “Repeated laundering and exposure to heat can dry out the materials over the course of years,” says Jeannette Peters, Athleta’s Design Director of performance apparel. Basically, that means you could be turning your opaque leggings sheer over time. “We recommend laundering in cold water and drying on low in order to extend the life of the fabric and prevent it from becoming brittle,” she adds.

Below, find nine leggings you can break a sweat in, without worrying about unreliable, see-through fabric.

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The Best Non-See Through Leggings: Black Leggings

A classic, black legging is a must-own for any type of workout (as well as non-sweaty activities). The best designs have just enough compression, are high-waisted, and are a material thick enough to keep from turning sheer mid-downward dog.

The Best Non-See-Through Leggings: Running

If your workouts require a pair of leggings that have the compression and stretch to keep you comfortable on long runs, you can still pick up a pair that doesn't risk being so thin they won't stand a see-through test. Focus first on a style that's a comfortable fit for your usual level of movement, even the most helpful leggings opacity-wise won't be a favorite if they're uncomfortable.

The Best Non-See-Through Leggings For: Yoga

If yoga is your thing, you need a pair of leggings that can handle all sorts of bending, flexing, and flipping without risking you worrying about your tight's opacity.

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