This 2022 Wall Art Trend Is Guaranteed To Spark Joy

It deserves a spot in your home.


It’s pretty easy to find information on the biggest decor trends of the moment; a quick Google search or a scroll through Instagram will give you literally instant, up-to-date results. But finding the latest wall art trends? That’s a different story. Yes, sometimes they’re included in designer predictions, or you may be able to deduce a few from the Cool People you follow on social media. In general, though, the vastness and exclusivity of the art industry makes this tricky. Yet with the explosion of interest in interiors, chances are, you want to know what’s *hot* and happening right now when it comes to your walls. Which is why TZR turned to art and design experts in the know to get their well-informed predictions for you.

But first, it’s worth noting that trends in art don’t follow the same breakneck schedule as other industries — another reason you may have trouble identifying them in the first place. “Since art is personal and meaningful in different ways to its owners, art trends have more longevity than fashion trends,” Alix Greenberg, founder and CEO of ArtSugar, tells TZR in an email. Rather than constantly changing, they simply tend to evolve. “Sometimes these trends take shape in different ways as time goes on.”

That said, there are still plenty of wall art trends that Greenberg and other experts say are emerging for 2022. And as with the rest of the up-and-coming decor trends, they point to our altered circumstances and changing world — a need for calm, joy, and travel are recurring themes throughout them all. Here, what’s ahead.

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Neon Art

Courtesy of Lux Pad Interiors

With more people using their homes for work and entertainment, Tamu Green, principal designer at Lux Pad Interiors, says she foresees that art that’s typically used in commercial and hospitality applications will make its way into residential spaces. “Think neon signs,” she tells TZR. “They are much more accessible to the public and even custom applications are readily available with companies like Yellowpop.” The trick, she says, is using these intentionally. Place a sign next to a sculpture on a pedestal for a museum-like effect, or add one to a gallery wall for major cool points. And for the most part, just stick to one.

Alex Liepman, founder and CEO of DROOL Art, is also seeing more neon artwork, albeit in a slightly different way. “We're talking about beautifully photographed neon signage that pops off the wall,” he tells TZR. “It's all about striking the right balance, so if you're looking for a subtle yet eye-catching pop of color that can perfectly transform a room without hurting your eyes, then look no further.”

Curves In Art

Curvalicious furniture was a big design trend in 2021 and it's set to stay,” says Liepman. “So you can bring those same softer edges into the wall art you display for a clean, complementary finish.” Because they’re “both feminine and forgiving,” they can instantly make a room feel cozy and safe, he continues. Plus, they’re a great avenue for incorporating bold colors into a room “as they lend so well to big, bold designs.”

Uplifting Art

Unsurprisingly, people are looking toward joyful pieces for 2022. “I’m seeing a greater focus on uplifting sayings and graphic letters in large format — people can express themselves and their emotions through these pieces,” says Greenberg. “Works depicting happy people, nostalgic desserts, animals, and other uplifting subjects are must-haves right now.” She recommends checking out artists Matt Crump, Humberto Cruz, or Dara Piken for pieces that will bring a smile to your face.

Nature-Inspired Art

Liepman notes that many have a new appreciation for nature and the great outdoors thanks to the last two years and the havoc it wreaked on lives around the world. Because of this, it’s entering into the home more and more. “Blue is set to be big in 2022, as the watery blue tones and the hue of the sky can bring a very natural and soothing feel to a room, whilst teleporting you to your happy place,” he says. “If you want a cohesive feel throughout the rest of the room, pair lighter blues with something a bit darker or some sea green tones.”

Greenberg agrees, telling TZR that art that depicts nature and imbues a calming vibe was highly sought out this past year. She cites ArtSugar’s hanging flowers and plant-themed art prints as popular examples of this, as well as imagery with sunsets, lakes, and greenery. “In 2022 we may see different iterations of these landscapes and destinations resonate through wall art.”

Art With Global Influences

Courtesy of Lux Pad Interiors

According to Green, globally influenced art in the home is set to hold its ground in 2022. “Adding a bit of global influence onto your walls can be as easy as mounting objects you have obtained or photographs you've taken during travel on your walls. Even mounting items that have a bit of texture, like woven baskets, can [give] a global feel,” she shares. That said, the designer continues, authenticity is important here: “It is ideal to source your cultural items directly from their culture of origin.”

Otherwise, Green says that the only limit to incorporating your found objects onto your walls is your imagination. “Don't be afraid to make alterations to make [pieces] work for your space, as long as you are not compromising the integrity of the item.” For example, she says, “I've framed a pair of African masks to give them more presence and a more appropriate scale on a past project.”

Minimalist Art

Maximalism may be trending with decor in general, but Maggie Holladay, the founder of online gallery Claude Home, says she’s seeing less of it in art lately. “People want investment pieces that are going to last long and blend seamlessly with their existing decor.” Instead, she believes minimalism is taking over — i.e. “focusing on one piece that speaks to the area of the room that you want to highlight, whether it’s a small piece that resonates with you or a large standalone statement piece,” she tells TZR. “Timeless investment pieces are a major trend, and working with contemporary artists to find a piece that fits your design theme.”