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This Decor Gift Is Perfect For The Minimalist Who’s Secretly An Aspiring Maximalist

Bring them to the wild side.

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Though it would’ve been hard to imagine a few years ago (during the high point of all-beige-everything interiors), lots of people are making the move to maximalism these days. And while this has very much been a phenomenon for a while now, it’s still happening — a lot. In fact, you probably have a friend or family member or two who’s just starting to explore this movement themselves. And if that’s the case, this gift guide of statement decor is for you.

Because let’s be clear: Those who have gone all in on wacky interiors and those who are beginning to dip their toes into them are two very different people. The former will likely appreciate the wildest pieces you can find. But the latter? You’ve got to be a little more careful in what you give them.

To help you balance that line — because it is a fine one — ahead is a curation of gifts that will satisfy a burgeoning craving for maximalism, without overwhelming the recipient and causing them to go running back to their completely white spaces. From tiny (but funky) trinkets to pieces that provide an entry-level pop of color, here’s what we recommend. With these finds, you’ll make a maximalism convert out of them yet.

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