Shoppers Are OBSESSED With These Cool Finds Under $25 On Amazon

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

by Julia O'Donnell
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Most of the products we encounter in our day to day lives don’t make much of an impression on us at all. Occasionally, though, you’ll find an exception. Sometimes, a product is so good, you literally can’t stop thinking about it. For example, shoppers are obsessed with these cool finds for under $25 on Amazon, because despite their small price tags, they’ve made a big impact on their lives. From skin care must-haves and self care essentials to luxe home goods and ingenious kitchen gadgets, these products have cut through the noise and made a major impression.

Some of the products on this list have already reached cult status; Others are under-the-radar finds you’ve probably never heard of. While these picks span practically every category, everything you’ll find does have a few things in common. First, and most importantly, these products are genuinely worth obsessing over — backed by editors and Amazon reviewers alike, their stellar reputations set them apart from the competition. Better still, you can get everything on this list on Amazon for a mere $25 or less. Most products are eligible for free, two-day Prime shipping, too, and since Amazon's return process is famously painless, you won’t be risking much by giving these products a chance.

Ready to discover your newest obsession? Then just keep reading.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


A Soft Towel That Can Help Reduce Unwanted Frizz

A designated hair towel is one of those beauty buys that might seem gratuitous at first — but trust, once you've tried this one, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. Not only does it help your hair dry faster, but it can also prevent breakage and reduce unwanted frizz since it's so gentle and soft. It's made of microfiber, which helps reduce drying time and damage from blow-drying, and perfect for all hair types.


The Easiest Way To Give Yourself A Pro-Level Blowout

Achieving a perfect blowout at home is notoriously tricky — unless you own this three-in-one blow dryer brush, that is. Just like its name implies, this ingenious tool combines a round brush with a blow dryer and straightener, which simultaneously saves you arm pain and eliminates the need to manage three tools at once. Reviewers can't get enough, saying the tool delivers salon-worthy results with minimal effort, and in half (or even less than half!) the time it would usually take.


A User-Friendly Milk Frother To Create Barista-Quality Drinks At Home

Over time, daily lattes can put a serious dent in your wallet — but don't limit yourself to plain black coffee just yet. Instead, invest in this popular milk frother, and you can easily make barista-quality coffee drinks at home. Easy to clean and even easier to use, the handheld, battery-operated device takes less than 20 seconds to make frothy, foamy milk for cappuccinos, lattes, and other coffee drinks. It can also be used for cocktails, milkshakes, hot chocolate, and more.


A Pack Of Exfoliating Masks For Your Feet

Immediately after wearing these sock-like foot masks for an hour, you won't notice much of a difference. Just wait, though: Over the next week, dead skin will start to peel off your feet in literal sheets. Slightly gross? Yes. Uncomfortably reminiscent to a snake shedding its skin? Sure. But you can't deny that it's also weirdly satisfying — and after the process is over, you'll hardly recognize your smooth, baby-soft feet.


An Alarm Clock That Mimics The Sunrise For A Gentler Wakeup

If you hate alarm clocks, you need to try this one. Designed to mimic the naturally rousing effect of a real sunrise, the clock's built-in LED lamp gradually grows brighter as your alarm time approaches, gently nudging you awake without disrupting your body's natural circadian rhythms. If you're a heavy sleeper, not to worry — as a backup, the clock also has a regular alarm function, which can be set to either FM radio or various soothing sounds.


Four Versatile Belts To Cinch The Waist On Dresses & Tops

Smooth vegan leather and gleaming gold hardware give these waist-cinching belts a touch of vintage-inspired glam, while the soft, stretchy elastic in the back ensures you'll actually be able to breathe while wearing one around your waist. Throw one on with a billowy dress or top, and it'll instantly transform the silhouette, adding shape and structure for a more polished look.


A Simple Spout That Aerates Your Wine As You Pour

Before pouring yourself a glass, attach this aerator spout to a cheap bottle of wine — you'll be amazed by how much better it tastes. Seems like magic, but it's actually science: The leak-proof spout works by exposing the wine to the optimal amount of oxygen, allowing its subtler flavors and aromas to come through. It makes a big difference, at least according to more than 3,000 perfect five-star Amazon reviews. "Easy to use, clean, and efficient. It makes any wine better!" summed up one person.


A Waterproof Spa Pillow To Make Your Baths More Comfortable

To take your baths to the next level, look no further than this top-rated spa pillow. The pillow's unique two-panel design attaches to the walls of your tub using seven strong suction cups, providing much-needed cushioning and support for your neck and shoulders. Padded with thick, plush foam, it's easy to clean and completely waterproof, so you won't have to worrying about it getting moldy or slimy.


These Gorgeous Huggie Earrings That Are Perfect For Everyday Wear

Consider these huggies the perfect everyday earrings: Understated, yet more dramatic than simple studs, they're lightweight and comfortable to wear, and their cubic zirconia "diamonds" add the perfect touch of sparkle to any look. Sized to gently hug your earlobes — hence the name— they're plated in genuine 14-karat gold, in your choice of white, yellow, or rose.


Two Luxurious Satin Pillowcases That Prevent Bed Head & More

You've probably already heard that sleeping on a silk pillowcase can do wonders for your skin and hair. What you may not already know, however, is that satin pillowcases, like these, boast all the same perks as silk ones — and unlike their pricier counterparts, these won't cost you upwards of $100. The set of two cases comes in a gorgeous range of rich colors, so you'll have no problem finding an option that complements your bedroom decor.


A Body Brush With Built-In Massage Nubs

It only takes one use to understand why this massaging body brush is worth obsessing over. Not only do its nubby silicone massage nodes feel absolutely amazing, but its soft bristles are great for boosting circulation, promoting collagen production, and sloughing away dead skin. Backed with a durable handle loop, it can be used for dry brushing, the time-tested exfoliation method celebrity aestheticians swear by, or simply in the shower as a shampoo and body brush.


These Charcoal Eye Masks To Soothe & De-Puff Tired Eyes

Next time you wake up with tired, puffy eyes, you'll be glad to have these eye masks on hand. The hydrogel patches use activated charcoal and hyaluronic acid to soothe, depuff, and hydrate your under-eyes. Conveniently, the gels are sold in sets of five individually packaged pairs — stash a few in your purse, and you'll always have them on hand after a long night out.


An Adjustable Bathtub Caddy Made Of Solid Bamboo

If long, relaxing baths are your form of self-care, it's worth treating yourself to this gorgeous bathtub caddy. Made of naturally antibacterial bamboo, its adjustable design ensures it'll fit almost any bathtub. The caddy has plenty of space for all the essentials — wine, candles, a tablet or book — but because it's a bit smaller than some popular competitors, it's also a great option for more practical, everyday use, to hold razors and body wash, et cetera.


The Cult-Favorite Treatment That Transforms Hair In Just Eight Seconds

Eight seconds is really all it takes for L'Oreal's Wonder Water to work its magic: The lamellar treatment leaves your hair silky, shiny, and impossibly soft, without adding greasiness or weighing down your hair like so many other conditioning treatments do. Though it's a relatively new product, it's already achieved cult status within the beauty world.


A Dainty Gold-Plated Anklet Made Of Genuine Sterling Silver

How pretty is this dainty little anklet? Equal parts boho and glam, it's the perfect subtle accent to compliment your chicest sandals. It's made of genuine sterling silver plated in 14-karat gold, with gleaming round beads stationed at intervals along a twisted chain. "This is the prettiest ankle bracelet I've ever seen," one reviewer gushed. "The chain is brilliant — looks like diamond cut and not super thin."


A 2-Pound Bag Of Bath Salts In Assorted Scents

These bath salts from San Francisco Salt Co. will take your soaks from relaxing to positively luxurious. Infused with soothing natural ingredients like aloe and vitamin E, they not only smell amazing, but can even help ease sore muscles and body aches. In addition to oatmeal and honey, they're sold in several other scents, including one made with eucalyptus that's great for when you're dealing with stuffy sinuses.


A Soft, Heated Sleep Mask That Offers Spa-Like Relaxation

Indulge in a spa-like experience with this heated eye mask. The contoured design helps to block out light while the soothing warmth offers relaxation and comfort. It features three different heat settings and a timer that shuts off between 20 to 60 minutes at your desire. The included USB adapter ensures that you'll have easy cordless use and the carrying case allows you to take it with you anywhere you go.


The Smart Lightbulb You Never Knew You Needed

If you have an Alexa or Google Home device, you can control this smart light bulb using nothing but voice commands. If you don't, you can simply control it using its companion app. Either way, the ability to turn lights on and off remotely is great for when you'd rather not leave the couch, or when you want to trick potential intruders intro thinking you're home. Plus, the bulb's color, brightness, and hue are fully customizable, making it easier than ever to set the mood.


These Pearl-Encrusted Hair Clips That Are Perfectly On-Trend

Hair clips and pins are one of this season's coolest accessory trends, with pearl-encrusted iterations like these being especially popular among the fashion set. Sold in a very affordable set of 12, the clips vary in size and shape, with both oversized, statement-making barrettes and slim hair pins that are particularly of-the-moment right now. Choose just one or two for a pretty, polished look, or layer several shapes and sizes for a more maximalist effect.


A Natural Aromatherapy Spray To Promote Sleep & Relaxation

If you're worried about stress making it difficult to fall asleep, spritz this aromatherapy pillow spray onto your pillow before bed. Honestly, even if you're not stressed, it certainly can't hurt — hand-made in small batches in the USA, it's naturally scented with chamomile, geranium, and lavender essential oils, all of which are known for their relaxing properties. Besides, it smells so good.


A Cute Little Pajama Set That's Perfect For Warm-Weather Lounging

Pretty pajamas like these can instantly make your bedtime routine feel so much more glamorous. Similar to the feeling of wearing pretty lingerie underneath your clothes, swapping out your sweats and tees will make you feel much more polished, even if the only person appreciating it is you. They're super soft and comfy, too — the two-piece set consists of a lace-trimmed cami and matching boxer shorts, both made with soft, smooth modal with plenty of added stretch. Choose from four colors.

  • Available sizes: 0-18


An Easy Way To Hem Your Clothes Without Sewing (Or Paying A Tailor)

These hem tape strips are a must for every fashion lover's tool kit, especially if you're petite. Sold in a pack of 24, the pre-cut strips are stronger and more durable than traditional fashion tape, making them perfect for temporarily adjusting the hem on dresses, pants, shorts, or skirts, even for heavier fabrics like denim or wool.


A Deluxe Set Of Makeup Brushes That Seem So Much More Expensive Than They Are

Admittedly, the price of this makeup brush set seems almost too good to be true. After all, at just $15 for a 24-piece set, each individual brush will cost you less than a dollar. Still, reviewers swear the brushes — which span every imaginable size and purpose — don't sacrifice quality for affordability. In over 1,000 glowing reviews, fans rave about their solid construction and soft, shed-free bristles. The set even comes with a foldable carrying case for travel.


These Popular Pillow Inserts That Are High-Quality, Yet Affordable

Finding a good pillow at an affordable price can be frustrating. But, given that 85% of reviewers — over 1,000 people — gave this pillow insert a positive rating, starting here will likely save you some trial and error. Available in a range of sizes and dimensions to fit any pillowcase, fans say its quality exceeds expectations, praising its plump, fluffy filling and soft cotton-blend shell.


A Soft & Stretchy Crop Top That You'll Probably End Up Living In

American Apparel is known for their timeless, quality basics, and this best-selling crop top certainly lives up to that reputation. It's made of a soft, breathable cotton fabric blended with a generous percentage of spandex, which gives the piece a smooth, supportive feel akin to a bralette. Choose from black, white, or heather gray — or just accept that you're going to need all three.

  • Available sizes: XS-L


A Pair Of Comfortable Fuzzy Slipper-Sandals

This slipper-and-sandal combo is sure to make a huge statement both inside and outside of the house. It features soft, plush fur on the outer and lining with a slingback elastic strap for comfort and stability. They're lightweight, cozy, and perfect to slip-on while around your home or while running errands and more. There are several colors available for your choosing.


The Best-Selling Wireless Bra With Over 1,000 Five-Star Reviews

Reviewers can't seem to stop raving about this best-selling wireless bra. In over 1,500 glowing five-star reviews, people say it's "like a miracle," "so supportive," and, "comfortable enough to sleep in." It's specifically designed with a special panel to prevent bulging around the underarms and sides, with extra-wide straps that won't dig in at the shoulders.

  • Available sizes: XS-XXL


The Perfect Everyday Tote (For Less Than $15!)

How is this tote less than $15? You'd certainly never guess the price by looking at it — made of rich vegan leather with a subtle pebbled texture, it has the luxe look and feel of a far more expensive bag. Featuring a magnetic closure and a stylish tassel detail, the bag's roomy interior has a pocket to stash smaller items like your keys. Oh, and be sure to check out the colors it comes in — with literally dozens of options, you're sure to find one you love.


A Set Of Magnetic False Lashes That Adhere With Eyeliner

Falsies are one of the most effective ways to amp up the drama of any makeup look, but the application process is notoriously tedious. Enter these ingenious magnetic lashes, which come in a set of five pairs ranging from natural-looking to dramatic. Designed to adhere to your lash line using the included magnetic eyeliner, reviewers say they're super quick and easy to apply — no glue required — and that the results are flawless. "I can’t believe how easy it was to put these on," one reviewer marveled.


A Set Of 9 Dainty Choker Necklaces That Are So Perfect For Layering

Fans of dainty layered necklaces, rejoice: These chokers are basically your dream come true. Honestly, aside from how pretty they are, all you really need to know about them is that they're sold in a set of nine necklaces, and that set costs just $13. Maybe they won't last forever — they're made of alloy plated in gold. But at this price point, what do you have to lose? Priced at a little over a dollar each, you'll get your money's worth out of them after a single wear.


A Quality Set Of Inserts For Your Favorite Throw Pillows

Another high-quality set of pillow inserts at an affordable price, these are beloved by Amazon reviewers, who say they're "absolutely perfect," "the best value out there," and "soft and fluffy in just the right way." Sold in a set of two, the pillows come in a range of sizes to fit most standard pillowcases.


These Pretty Pillow Covers To Pair With Your Inserts

Pick up some fresh pillow covers to go with your new fluffy inserts. These are made with texture-rich chenille, and because they come in a veritable rainbow of stylish colors, you'll easily find the perfect pop to complement your home's decor. Reviewers love how the hidden zipper makes it easy to remove the case for cleaning — and yes, they're machine-washable.


A Comb To Remove Pills From Cashmere & Other Delicate Knits

Keep your collection of fine knits in tip-top shape with this simple sweater comb from chic garment care brand The Laundress. Unlike more heavy-duty fabric shavers, it's safe to use on delicate fibers like cashmere, merino, and mohair, removing pills and fuzz without risking damage. "This little thing did wonders for my sweaters. Then I started to use it on other things like pilled-up throw pillows, and it made them as good as new," commented one reviewer.


A Fresh Take On The Essential Leopard Midi Skirt

If you love fashion, you probably already own a leopard midi skirt. That said, you should still buy this one, too — the daring side slit and wrap-style design give it an elevated look that stands out from the crowd, but it's still every bit as versatile as your favorite jeans or leggings. For casual days, it'll look effortlessly cool when juxtaposed with a faded band tee, and will pair equally well with a bodysuit and heels when you want a more dressed-up look.


This Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner That's Great For So Many Cleaning Projects

As one reviewer put it, with the PurSteam handheld steamer, "the cleaning possibilities are endless!" Lightweight and user-friendly, the best-selling device heats up in less than four minutes, with six targeted attachments to use for a whole range of practical purposes. Use it to iron fabrics, polish windows, clean grout, shampoo your carpets, and even wash your wallpaper.


A Set Of Adhesive Nipple Covers That Actually Stay Put

While there's nothing wrong with a little visible nipple, the look doesn't work for every situation, and a traditional bra won't always work, either. Luckily, these nipple covers are here to help. Designed to stick directly onto your skin with a gentle built-in adhesive, they're made of lightweight silicone with thin, tapered edges to ensure a smooth, line-free look. "You know when your life gets better after you purchase a specific product? Well, this is that product," one reviewer wrote.


A Comfy, Versatile Top That's Worth Buying In Multiple Colors

Sweet and simple, this button-down tank is one of those easy, comfortable wardrobe staples that are worth owning in multiples. Pair it with denim cutoffs and sandals one day, leggings and booties the next — when a piece is this versatile, the possibilities are endless. It's cut in a relaxed silhouette, with a V-neck, adjustable spaghetti straps, and a row of functional buttons down the front. Choose from 12 colors and prints, including silver python, leopard, and several summery florals.

  • Available sizes: XS-XXL

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