The IKEA Item That Literally Everyone Has Owned At Some Point

IKEA's EKTORP sofa in white that everyone has owned at some point

There are probably too many reasons to count as far as what people love about IKEA. From the hard-to-beat prices to the sleek, Scandinavian aesthetics it's totally understandable that the superstore has become a veritable mecca for design enthusiasts and bargain shoppers alike. That said, while there are literally thousands of products you'll find during a visit (whether digital or IRL) to the beloved retailer, there are a handful that never waiver from the top of the list of favorites, and IKEA's EKTORP sofa is a best-seller for good reason.

While you can always count on IKEA for genius organizing products, the real bread-and-butter of the store is arguably its furniture and decor. And that doesn't just go for those shopping on a budget — interior designer-approved finds exist around every corner and there's always new stylish pieces being added to the stock, but mainstays like the EKTORP continue to be a top seller year-after-year for two main reasons: versatility and affordability.

It's for these exact reasons that practically everyone has owned this sofa at one point in their life. As Janice Simonsen, Design Spokesperson at IKEA explains, "The EKTORP has a timeless design that works well in a multitude of home styles." Whereas a lot of other sofa designs sold here are markedly more modern (lower sitting with cleaner lines, for example) while others are slightly more traditional (more overstuffed cushions and a higher seat back) this sofa lands comfortably in between. Therefore, regardless of your home's existing decor, chances are that this piece can fit in seamlessly.

Such is the case with many finds from IKEA, the EKTORP's price is also hard to beat. With other competitor's similarly sized/styled sofas are mostly above the $1,000 mark, this one starts at just $549. "It’s a great value for the money," notes Simonsen. What makes the value even better? You can quickly and affordably change the color and look of your sofa by picking up one of the matching slipcovers. "The slipcovers come in many colors and fabrics, allowing for an instant update to the living room," she explains. This way, you won't need to spring for a whole new sofa just because you change your decor.

Another reason the EKTORP is so beloved? Comfort. "The thick, deep cushions offer a plush seating experience," adds Simonsen. And when it comes to couches, coziness tends to come in handy — considering the chill time you're likely going to spend on one. After all, shouldn't function be a significant factor for your furniture shopping?

If those reasons have you feeling like this sofa might just be a fit for your space (not to mention your budget), find the link to shop it ahead. And if you're already a proud EKTORP owner, also find a few other products in the family, including sectional styles for larger rooms, slipcovers to change up the look in a cinch, and an ottoman to add to the classic-meets-modern look you've already got going.