What A Celebrity Interior Designer Would Buy At Ikea

Not all of us have a Kim Kardashian–size budget to spend decorating our homes. So when we had the chance to pick the brain of celebrity stager and interior designer Cheryl Eisen, founder of Interior Marketing Group (she designed the aforementioned reality star’s now-infamous TriBeCa Airbnb), we simply had to know what she would buy if she found herself at go-to affordable retailer Ikea. Here are her picks.

Interior Marketing Group

Cheryl Eisen's Ikea Picks


To Brighten And Amplify A Room

"Mirrors double the visual square footage of a space and reflect light sources. Mount a few of Ikea's Mongstad mirrors vertically in a cascading row to make your room feel larger. If you can hang them on a wall opposing a window, you’ve essentially created another light source for your room."


To Make Ceiling Heights Look Taller

"Floor-to-ceiling drapes are an easy and inexpensive way to make the ceiling height of any room look taller. In terms of color, we like to stick with white to give the spaces we design a light and airy feel."


For A Classic Look

"Sofas are best kept light and neutral, helping make a room look less cramped. We love Ikea's Nockeby sofa for its clean lines and versatile size."


For A Timeless Accent

"Storage space is tight in New York City, so we're always looking for pieces that are both well-designed and functional. The Stockholm sideboard is a timeless accent piece that can provide much-needed storage."


For Boutique-Like Organization

"There’s something about opening your drawers and seeing them beautifully organized that feels very high-end. Ikea's Skubb organizers are my personal go-to at home. It feels like you're shopping for your own items."