5 Best-Selling Ikea Products We Absolutely Love

With all the noise constantly thrown our way about must-have products and trends, sometimes it can be easy to overlook those that are oldies but goodies, tried and true. These five Ikea products are some of the retailer’s most popular pieces of all time, and for good reason—they’re versatile, affordable and super-easy to upgrade. Click through to shop our faves among Ikea’s best sellers, and to learn how to make them look like designer goods.


Popular For A Reason

KLIPPAN Loveseat, $399

Paint the legs for added oomph—inspo here.

MALM Bed Frame, $229

Um, if you get bored, you can turn this into a canopy bed and feel like a princess—erm, bad-ass girl-boss who sleeps in a canopy bed.

POANG Chair, $129

One and a half million of these babies are sold each year. Get some unique styling inspiration here.

BILLY Bookcase, $70

Every 10 seconds, someone buys a Billy bookcase. This has us wondering if we should've become furniture designers, but that's another story for another day. In the interim, these Billy-specific hacks are mind-blowing.


This specific color scheme is new in 2017, and we want it now.