12 Genius Organization Products At IKEA That Are Practically Guaranteed To Make Your Life Easier


If there's any time most fitting to focus on getting your life in order, it's definitely at the start of a new year. It's a period during which nearly everyone is filled with a burst of motivational energy, and the smartest will seriously capitalize on it to ensure a successful year ahead. So if you're currently looking around your space and realizing it could use some streamlining, these genius organization products at IKEA are the answer.

The never-ending source of design solutions that is IKEA really needs no explanation. But just in case you weren't aware, the home goods mega-retailer is literally brimming with space-saving products to help you live your best life ever. Whether your closet could use an intervention or your home office is in need of an organizational overhaul, the time is now to tick taking care of any cluttered spaces off your to-do list.

If you're dealing with a small closet, first of all know that you're not alone (it's a design epidemic). What you need are thoughtful space savers that make the most of the area you do have, so your stuff no longer overflows onto your bed, chair, floor, and every other available surface. Invest in a few of these wall shelves with drawers, $69.49 each, to take advantage of any vertical space inside your closet. You can store handbags or sweaters on top of the shelf, and use the drawers to keep scarves, belts, and other accessories out of the way.

And place this valet stand either in the corner of your room or in your home's entryway to stow your most frequently-used items within arm's reach. The stand, just $12.99, can even be used as place to plan out the next day's outfit — ideal if streamlining your morning routine is a major goal for 2019. Further de-clutter your room with a few floating cabinets, $25, that can hide away random items.


Transform your office into an organized space that supports productivity with genius products that work smarter, not harder. This $32.99 pegboard can be made completely your own based on your needs by adding shelving for supplies or storage bags for important documents and hanging reminders or brainstorm notes. And before your electronics turn into a tangled-up mess, add a $15 cable management system to your cart to keep everything neatly in place.

IKEA's also got life-saving goodies for every other space in your home, from this extra-tall chair with a storage rack for spatially-challenged bathrooms to a shoe organizer that tucks your footwear out of sight (so you stop tripping over sneakers while trying to walk across your room). Basically, if there's an organizational problem you've been putting off solving, IKEA's genius solutions should be enough to finally push you forward.

Keep scrolling to shop some of the home store's best space-saving products to buy in 2019, and get ready for your most organized year yet.