Yes, You Can Stay At The Real Downton Abby — For One Night Only


There are so many reasons to love the award-winning show Downton Abbey, from the costumes to the whip-smart dialogue, and of course the lovable (and unlovable) characters. But to be clear, another major point of obsession from the fandom is the the set itself — which is why the fact that you'll soon be able to book a Downton Abbey Airbnb rental is such a big deal.

According to the folks at the popular booking site, as of October 1st you can get a chance to reserve a one-night-only stay at Highclere Castle, where Downton Abbey was filmed. Two lucky people will get this opportunity, which includes cocktails in the saloon with Earl and Countess of Carnarvon, dinner in the state dining room served by a personal butler, and a private tour of the over 1,000 acre property.

For a superfan the tour alone would be priceless, but whoever successfully books the castle for the evening of November 26th will be getting a serious deal for all that's included. At just £150 (about $185) it's a steal. And if you don't end up getting this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, there are actually a ton of equally enchanting, majestic manors you can find on Airbnb that won't cost you a month's rent.

Since 2019 has proven that experience-based travel is on the rise, there's no better time to go for weird or unique accommodations, like houseboats, caves, and treehouses. That said, if you still want to feel regal, a Downton Abbey-esque manor just might be the perfect choice for your next vacation. Ahead, find a handful of ones to book now, plus the crucial info you need to try to snag the one available spot at the real deal.

Highclere Castle — Highclere, England

If you're determined to try for the one-night-only stay at the castle where Downton Abbey was filmed, try booking here starting October 1st. Reminder: Only one person (and their plus one) will actually get it.

Casale Fontibucci — Bagno a Ripoli, Italy


Enjoy stunning views of Florence, a shared pool, and plenty of authentic antique furnishings when you book the ground floor apartment at this gorgeous compound.

Rates start at $67 per night, and you can book here.

Philipps Manor — Wardow, Germany


This mid 19th century manor has a ton of old world charm, and while much of the property is currently in the process of renovation, the owner will happily take you on a tour so you can take in all the history.

Rates start at $82 per night, and you can book here

Suite In Chianti — San Donato In Poggio, Italy


Book the entire place or just a cozy apartment in this Tuscan villa where you can stroll through the vineyard, investigate the wine cellar, and be close to all the area's attractions.

Rates start at $193 per night, and you can book here.

San Giusto Abbey — Tuscania, Italy


Determined to stay in a bonafide abbey? This medieval one, located about an hour north of Rome, was built in 1146, and although it was recently restored by its owners, you'll find a perfect balance of authenticity (historically accurate decor details) and modern amenities (luxury bedding, homemade breakfast).

Rates start at $171 per night, and you can book here

Cozy Storybook Castle — Ellington, Connecticut


You don't have to head to Europe to stay at a majestic estate. This mini castle in Connecticut, built in 1917, was inspired by the original owners' trip to England. It was refurbished in 2000, and the grounds feature a garden, fountain, and gazebo, while the interior boasts themed rooms (like Romeo & Juliet).

Rates start at $175 per night, and you can book here.

Manoir Equivocal Mid Age Dovecote — Corgoloin, France


In literal terms, the "dovecote" is a structure built for pigeons to live. But in the case of this 15th century, cylindrical structure in France, it was originally a watchtower. The accommodations are admittedly a bit rustic, but the view and experience alone make a stay here totally charming.

Rates start at $165 per night, and you can book here.