Searches Are Up 344% On Etsy For This Statement Lighting Trend

It’s so groovy.


With the popularity of neon signs and mushroom lamps of recent years, it’s no secret that statement lighting has been trending. And according to Etsy’s 2022 predictions, that’s not stopping anytime soon. As the brand’s trend expert, Dayna Isom Johnson, revealed in a new report, searches for various types of bold lighting on the marketplace are way up — and all evidence points to that continuing in the new year.

“Many are already on the hunt for statement lighting — from sculptural pendants to standout sconces — that reflects their own personal style,” Johnson wrote in the post. It’s no real mystery why, either. “Equal parts functional and fashionable, statement lighting allows folks to spotlight their beautiful homes, while doubling as eye-catching artwork,” the trend expert continued.

However, it’s not just statement lighting in general that’s trending. According to the brand, Etsy shoppers are honing in on four types in particular — including one that’s up a whopping 344% in searches in the last three months, compared to the same time the previous year. Keep scrolling to find out what it is, as well as the rest of the up-and-coming lighting styles to watch out for in 2022, ahead.


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‘70s Lighting


That 344% increase in searches? Yeah, that was for ‘70s lighting. It’s not a huge surprise; as TZR reported earlier in 2021, ‘70s-style decor has seen a big resurgence in interiors as of late. "We are home more and desire our homes to feel more lived in, cozy, and visually comforting," Eddie Maestri of Maestri Studio told TZR in a previous interview. "Elements of '70s decor such as textured weaves, caning, bold colors, and layered patterns make us feel right at home, but still have the sophistication of mid-century design."

Sculptural Lighting


Sculptural, organic, and curvy shapes have been showing up everywhere lately. According to Etsy, that includes lighting: The platform has seen a 27% increase in searches for sculptural or decorative lighting in the last three months, as compared to the same time last year. Tastemakers like Athena Calderone, whose wavy, shell-inspired Vence Sconces made waves when she debuted them, have no doubt played a role in the explosion of this soothing style. It looks like their influence will continue to be seen in the new year.

Vintage Lighting


It’s not just the ‘70s that are making a comeback — vintage lighting in general is seeing increased demand on Etsy. (A 25% increase in searches, to be exact.) This tracks with the 2022 decor trend predictions of designers; in fact, Stephanie Purzycki, co-founder and CEO of The Finish, recently told TZR that she predicts shopping secondhand will be the biggest trend of the new year. “With supply chain crunches around the world and a global focus on eco-friendliness, purchasing vintage, antique, or pre-loved pieces is a way to circumvent the long manufacturer lead times, while also reducing your carbon footprint,” she said.

Colorful Lighting


The pervasive minimalism of years past is finally starting to wane; in 2022, the world is embracing maximalism again. Etsy’s data supports this, showing that searches have gone up 22% for colorful lighting. Though you probably don’t need hard numbers to know that this is true — pastels are everywhere, Grandmillennial style has gone mainstream, and bold wallpaper is reaching new levels of popularity every day.