This Candy Artist’s New Sculptures Turn Childhood Memories Into Collectible Art

The gumball machine gets an upgrade.

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Nostalgia, maximalism, and all things joyful are trends that are coming in hot to the interior world right now. And it’s no surprise, after years of uncertainty and stress, that many are looking to infuse a dose of happiness and better days into their homes. Fortunately, 2022’s playful and uplifting art trend is making that easy — especially with the launch of by robynblair’s new limited-edition collection of gumball machine sculptures on Dec. 9.

The drop comes from candy artist Robyn Blair Davidson, an It girl of the art world whose work depicts cheeky displays of all things sweet. For this latest line, that’s no different. Davidson’s most recent creations, which mark by robynblair’s premiere sculpture collection, feature the glass silhouettes of classic gumball machines. Each piece is filled with monochrome gumballs as well, ensuring her go-to candy theme is front and center. In addition, the sculptures have by robynblair’s signature “In Case of Emergency” typography front and center.

The bright collection aims to transform “cherished childhood memories into collectible works of art,” and it succeeds — the sculptures are a perfect marriage of retro vibes and sleek, modern design. That said, you won’t be finding any of the 25-cent prices of the past on these pieces. The sculptures range from $1,200 per piece to $6,500 for the full collection of six.

That said, you’re getting quite a statement when you purchase one of these limited-edition pieces. Whether you set it on your desk, use it to bookend your favorite reads, or give it a display all its own (which, let’s be real, would be super cool paired with some neon lights), it’s definitely a conversation starter.

All six colors (and the full set) are available for purchase on by robynblair’s site now, but if we had to guess, we’d say they won’t be there for long. Continue on for a peek at the new sculptures, and then head over to the artist’s site for a full look (and to snag your own) before it’s all gone.

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