Blue Home Decor Ideas To Help You Embrace 2024's Biggest Color Trend

It’s so versatile.

by Jessie Quinn
blue home decor ideas
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The Pantone Color of the Year might be Peach Fuzz, but the home decor space is currently obsessed with a much cooler (literally) tone right now. In 2024, we’re feeling blue — rich blue to be exact. This home decor color trend is all about incorporating deep hues into your space for a layer of sophistication, elegance, and a touch of charm. Rich blue also offers a way to curate a bold statement while keeping things semi-neutral, making it one of the easiest ways to freshen up a modern neutral color palette.

“I think blues are the natural progression from the earthy tones we saw trending last year,” Bethany Struble, a lead designer at Totum Home tells us. “Blue is the color of tranquility but can also be very energetic, so it’s one of the most versatile colors,” she adds.

Speaking of versatility, the deep blue color trend doesn’t just focus on one shade. Instead, it highlights this primary color’s full range, including cobalt blue, teal blue, navy blue, and denim blue. These shades all come together to help create more mindful living spaces, which many of us crave amidst our ultra-busy lives. But, a calming environment isn’t the only reason we’re seeing this trend make its mark. With playful and kitschy home decor also trending, the blue color trend allows those of us who prefer more energetic and maximalist palettes to go big. It's a literal choose-your-own adventure shade.

Oh, and it plays well with others. “Blue offers a diverse range of undertones and can be paired with other hues,” says Tayah Mawer, an interior designer in Vancouver, BC. “Using different shades of blue can create the same effect as using neutrals while enhancing the energy of a space and complementing other colors in the room.”


Make It Blue, But Not Nautical

There are ways to avoid going nautical when embracing blue. “If you enjoy using blue in your home decor but want to add some liveliness to the look, try incorporating accents of rich, warm colors,” says Mawer, noting that adding pops of red can create balance and add depth in a cooler-toned space. “It’s important not to overdo the blues and to balance the space with warm or neutral tones to avoid a nautical theme.”

When decorating your home with blue, Struble says to consider how you style a pair of blue jeans with virtually any top in your wardrobe. “Same goes with blue in your home — it’s one of those colors you should be least afraid of,” she notes.

How To Ease Into Blue

Jewel-toned blue couches, accent chairs, and rugs are a fun and fresh way to incorporate this trend into your home. But, if you’re not ready for that level of commitment, Melanie Coddington, an interior designer at Coddington Design, says you can add a touch of the tone into your space with small details and accent pieces. “You can infuse this refreshing hue into your bathroom with towels, artwork, or tile accents,” she notes. The blue color trend also works well in accent pillows, vases, stools, and even bedding. “If you’re feeling daring, consider using bold blue on your walls for a striking statement,” Coddington remarks.


How To Color Coordinate With Blue

To add depth to a room, Mawer says to consider layering different shades of blues, especially those richer and more sophisticated tones like sapphire and denim. But, don’t just stick to one side of the color wheel. “It’s important to balance cool tones with warm tones,” Mawer notes. “To make sure your space still feels welcoming, you can implement other warm colors as well.” Since blue and orange sit opposite each other on the color wheel, Pantone’s Peach Fuzz is one of those complementary colors. Deep reds, mustard yellows, and even some warm browns (like your favorite leather accent chair) blend beautifully with blue, too.

Whether you go bold with a statement wall or lean into the trend with some accent pillows, a throw blanket, and a sculptural vase, this trend is worth trying — especially since it doesn’t require you to make major upgrades to the rest of your decor. “Blue is like a chameleon, it blends with various colors effortlessly, making it a versatile neutral,” says Coddington. On top of that, this primary color is a timeless classic that will always amplify the cozy and calming serenity of home.