The Genius Holiday Gift To Get Your Friend Who’s Never Not Traveling

It’ll change their life.

Calpak / Instagram
Beige and pastel pieces of luggage on chairs and on a couch

People who travel constantly need a lot of things that others just...don’t. Because when you’re regularly on a plane, living out of hotels, and generally on the go, your lifestyle requires certain conveniences and comforts that don’t really make sense when you’re usually at home. If you are one of those people who loves being on the road, you’re all too aware of that; in fact, it’s likely that your travel necessities have their own designated and constantly growing spot in your house. But if you’re not, you probably have no idea what a frequent traveler would want. Which can make it pretty difficult if you’re faced with the task of finding a gift for your friend who’s always jetting off to the next destination on their bucket list (or just has a lot of work trips).

In reality, what most travelers desire is anything that will maximize their comfort and make life on the road easier — soft wearables, ingenious storage solutions, and simple problem-solvers. The thing is, most jet-setters have those things in spades (and then some). Thus, in order to avoid buying them repeats this year, you have to think outside the box.

Not sure what that means, exactly? Rather than another suitcase, consider a backpack that makes removing a laptop easy and seamless. Instead of a basic blanket, try a scarf that reads body temperature and adjusts accordingly. In other words, it’s all about leveling up from the average travel necessity to find something that goes above and beyond. Here, TZR has rounded up 17 gifts that do just that for you to shop.

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