This Epic Adventure On Airbnb Could Be Your Most Memorable Trip Ever

Mason Trinca on behalf of Airbnb

Since the initial launch of Airbnb back in 2008, vacationing hasn't quite been the same. Not only has the online hospitality service created more affordable ways for people to travel — by way of offering options that include shared rooms to save a few bucks — but with the introduction of its Airbnb experiences a few years ago, you can use the app/site to book activities like cooking lessons, shopping trips, and historical site tours in addition to a place to stay while you're away. And now it's taken traveling options one step further by combining those two concepts in its latest endeavor, "adventures," which allows you to plan your most unique vacation experience ever.

This year's biggest travel trend is creating experiences, which explains why accommodations like treehouses and romantic cabins are growing in popularity as an alternative to traditional hotels and homes. And for those who are in search of an all-inclusive option for an experience-driven getaway, Airbnb's new adventures feature lets you have it all in one fell swoop, like foraging for food and then cooking and eating the meal in a picturesque fishing town in Sweden, or hiking and camping on a cliffside in rural Colorado.

The recently-launched option already boasts over 200 adventures that include lodging, meals, and activities, all led by local experts, and the company plans to have that number grow exponentially over this year. And if you are wondering if such excursions are out of your budget, it's worth noting that prices range from a $79 overnight trip to a $5000 for 10-day trek.

Need some inspiration? To start, here are a few of Airbnb's most unique adventures as of now — and they're guaranteed to help you create memories you'll treasure for a lifetime.

Cowboy Life In The American Wild West

Mason Trinica on behalf of Airbnb

This three-day trip to an abandoned mining town Cerro Gordo (near Lone Pine, California) includes a stay in a historic hotel from 1871, a scenic hike that leads you to a one-of-a-kind view of both Mount Whitney and Death Valley, a lesson in the practice of silver mining, card games, dinner over a bonfire, classic cocktails, and stargazing.

Price: $500 per person, book here.

Mystical Oman Trek


This five-day trek starts out Muscat, Oman, and in addition to hiking and camping in the mountains, travelers will experience canyoning in Snake Gorge, and camel rides through the Wahiba Sands desert.

Price: $999 per person, book here.

Paranormal Tour Of The US Southwest


Kicking off in Cedar City, Utah, this three-day excursion into Nevada allows paranormal enthusiasts a totally unforgettable trip. Led by the founder of Utah's only UFO festival, the adventure includes a visit to ghost towns and haunted hotels, as well as a spot in Area 51. And because your host is a photographer, you'll also get tips on taking your best photos ever to capture the memories perfectly.

Price: $1,450 per person, book here

Seaweed and Seafood Safari in Sweden

Oivind Haug on behalf of Airbnb

As if it wasn't dreamy enough just to stay in a boutique seaside hotel in Grebbestad, this adventure is even more of a fantasy trip for foodies, since you'll also visit an oyster farm (where you can taste them fresh out of the ocean), plus enjoy two dinners highlighting the foraged ingredients (seaweed, shrimp, fish, and crayfish).

Price: $862 per person, book here.

Galapagos Slow Food Safari


Another foodie-friendly option is this six-day trip, where you'll island hop while taking in adventures like snorkeling, hiking, climbing, paddle boarding, and kayaking, as well as visiting Monte Mar coffee farm conservation project and harvesting ingredients at Huerta Luna permaculture farm. In addition to sampling the foods you source yourself, you'll also dine at Galapagos's hottest eatery, Anker Mar to Table.

Price: $3,500 per person, book here.