Get A Taste Of Royalty In These Castle Accommodations On Airbnb


The rules of travel have been revamped in recent years, and accommodations are no longer *just* a landing pad. Now, the place you stay is as important as the destination itself, and thanks to affordable booking sites, one-of-a-kind listings are more accessible than ever before. Whether you want to live like a celeb in a Hollywood mansion or sleep under the desert stars in a dome, almost anything is possible. And with the availability of castle rentals on Airbnb, your childhood fantasies of becoming a royal — or, let's face it, your adult dreams of stepping into Meghan Markle's world — can almost come to fruition. (And in the name of honoring your younger self, don't forget to check out some treehouse listings, too.) But the best part about booking a tower suite is that it's actually possible to live like a princess ... even if it's just for a little while.

Ahead, you'll find five breathtaking castles that are available now on Airbnb. From medieval stone structures, to majestic turreted homes, to a "BnB" worthy of the Brothers Grimm, each listing offers its own unique magic. So whether you want to take a weekend getaway close to home or you're planning a bucket-list vacation abroad, consider staying in a castle for an enchanting trip you'll never forget.

"The Castle Cottage" Overlooking Lake George || Bolton, New York, United States

Source: Airbnb

Good news: You don't have to leave the country to experience a royal castle stay (although an international excursion is also highly recommended). This gorgeous "mini castle" can sleep six and features modern finishes with touches of historic charm, like arched doorways and stained glass windows. It's part of a larger property that's nestled in a wooded landscape and offers breathtaking views of Lake George, plus incredible foliage in the fall.

With sleeping room for six, bookers can opt to bring the family or savor a romantic getaway for two. And if cabin fever begins to sink in, shopping, dining, and other attractions are nearby in Bolton Landing.

San Giusto Abbey Medieval Tower || Tuscania, Lazio, Italy

Source: Airbnb

In the town of Tuscania, in the Lazia region of Italy (not to be confused with Tuscany), is the San Giusto monastery, built in 1146. Here, you can stay in the tower apartment, which overlooks the Italian countryside. This accommodation covers four floors and exudes medieval ambiance with stone walls, steep staircases, and tall, narrow windows. However, you'll enjoy modern luxuries that go beyond indoor plumbing, as well as access to a private garden, pool, and a terrace atop the tower.

Guests are treated to homemade, organic breakfasts and can make on-site dinner arrangements for a fixed price. Downtown Tuscania is only a short distance away, but with no public transportation nearby, a rental car is highly recommended.

Amazing Castle 20 Mins. From Bordeaux || Asques, Aquitaine, France

Source: Airbnb

This stunning masterpiece has all the makings of a dreamy destination wedding location or an epic family reunion you'll never forget. Also known as Couffins Castle, this 18th-century structure has been fully renovated so you can relax like royalty amidst amenities from the 21st century.

Onsite, the whole crew will be able to lounge or sip wine on the garden terrace, swim in the private pool, or meander around the sprawling grounds. Bookers can also take a 20-minute drive to Bordeaux City, and a handful of other attractions are less than an hour away .

Storybook Castle BnB || Fairhope, Alabama, United States

Source: Airbnb

If the thought of a "castle" evokes images of storybook tales, this whimsical listing is your fantasy come true. Tucked away near protected park land in the Alabama woods, this enchanting property, complete with multicolored roof tiles and window lattice, could be the real-life candy house belonging to the witch in Hansel and Gretel.

While the accommodation itself is a paradise for artists and dreamers, it's within walking distance to Eastern Shore Art Center. And for those in search of more entertainment, there are plenty of stores, restaurants, and a museum in downtown Fairhope.

The Bridge House || Ballintuim, Scotland, United Kingdom

Source: Airbnb

This two-bedroom suite that overlooks the River Ardle in the Scotish countryside is as charming as it is unique. Although the 19th-century structure is completely updated, it still has plenty of historic features, including a spiral staircase, stone and pine floors, and timber clad walls.

Stone walkways allow guests to explore panoramic views of the surrounding nature, and also allow access to a sauna and terrace that's perfect for sipping coffee or cocktails. Guests will also be able to relax in the garden, which is shared with the property's stable apartment.