The 2024 Paint Trends Are All About Peace & Serenity

Bring on the deep blues and earthy greens.

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2024 paint color trends

In a nutshell, 2023 was a year of fiery reds, sugary pinks, and bold yellows. And while 2024 will still see some vibrant color in the home — here’s looking at you, Peach Fuzz — there will be a bit of a return to warm neutrals and earthy hues. In fact, interior designer Shivani Vyas says creamy, “ultra-modern whites” will be coming back into focus this year for those who prefer a more subtle backdrop.

For those with a more adventurous aesthetic, Vyas suggests sage green and deep, lustrous blues to “infuse peacefulness into any interior.” The latter in particular seems to be a standout shade for 2024, as most of the experts we spoke to for this story mentioned the color.

And don’t worry, you don’t need to fully commit to these shades to work into your living space. “If you're on the fence about adding color to your spaces, try bringing in an accent wall,” says Vyas. “This is a foolproof design technique to use when you're craving some color but don't want to commit to dipping your full space. Accent walls can also be an ideal backdrop to make TV watching a bit easier on the eye — opt for a darker background — or for times when you'd like to blend your TV in, instead of making it a focal point.”

You can also go even more granular and simply paint your trims, doors, or baseboards with a more vibrant shade. “And if you have a wainscot, you can also paint that to create additional visual interest and contrast,” says Vyas. “A painted wainscot and wallpaper duo can look especially beautiful — just be sure to harmonize your color choices between the two.”

Reaching for that paint brush? Before you start going to town on your home, take a look at 2024’s five biggest color trends so you can approach your project fully informed.



Shades of blue create a feeling of “being on vacation year-round,” says Gaelle Dudley, interior designer, color specialist, and founder of interior design firm GLDESIGN. “In almost every project, we'll add a touch of blue, whether it’s a dark moody shade or a pale option,” she says, noting Benjamin Moore’s Newburyport Blue as a current favorite. “Don’t hesitate to use color to add depth and fun to your home, and never forget that ceilings count, too.”

Sue Kim, director of color marketing at Valspar, seconds this support of blue hues, offering the brand’s Renew Blue as a solid option for 2024. According to Kim, the versatile hue — inspired by fog, mist, clouds, and glacier lakes — “provides a backdrop that can easily be mixed and matched to fit a variety of design styles and applications, or can make a statement through color drenching to be the focal point of any room in the home.”

Earthy Green

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While soft, minty greens were all the rage over the past couple years, a richer, darker version is much more 2024. Nicole Gibbons, founder and CEO of paint company Clare says the brand’s Current Mood shade, a deep green, is an overall best-seller. “While the idea of a dark color may sound intimidating, the right color can be surprisingly versatile, taking cues from nature while also being versatile enough to pair with various other colors,” she adds. “For a non-committal approach to bold colors, you can start with a neutral foundation and use deeper colors as accents. Think shades of white, gray, and beige as your main color with a bold accent wall, or adding a bold color to a piece of furniture.”

In general, the entrepreneur says bold colors tend to “feel more editorial and style-forward so when executed well they can make your space look much more sophisticated and refined so don’t be afraid to step outside of the color comfort zone.”


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One of the more striking and unexpected trends of 2024 — which has already infiltrated the beauty world — is the rise of cocoa-colored hues. “Shades of brown have seen sales increase by an astonishing 452.3% from 2022 to 2023,” says Gibbons, noting its popularity will only grow this year. “[These colors] are not just popular; they are revolutionizing the way we think about interior spaces, bringing a sense of warmth and earthiness that has been long overlooked.” For a chocolate-y effect, Gibbons points to Clare’s Coffee Date and Dirty Chai which have each experienced significant growth in popularity and pair beautifully with off-whites and beige hues.

Warm White

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“No matter how popular colors become, we cannot overlook the enduring appeal of white paint,” says Gibbons, noting a soft, warm winter white as a top contender for the new year. “Its versatility and the perfect balance of warmth make it an ideal choice for any space, marrying well with both vibrant and subdued palettes. “When it comes to shades of white, warmer tones are always more versatile and inviting since cooler-toned white can sometimes make a room feel cold or stark,” she says, recommending Clare’s Whipped shade. “It’s also extremely versatile so if someone is looking for a no-fail, foolproof white that works in any room, [this] is an excellent choice that you can’t go wrong with.”

Soft Orange

Courtesy of HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams

Yes, Pantone’s color of the year works well with the home, especially when embraced via a sherbet-colored wall paint. Ashley Banbury, HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams color marketing manager says, for this reason, the brand’s Persimmon shade — a top hue for 2024 — gives a “space refreshing energy. “

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