The Grandma-Chic Decor Piece You're About To See Everywhere

Quilts are officially making a comeback.

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Grandma chic is a design trend that's been making a comeback for a while now: You can see it in the range of the viral aesthetics that have taken over Instagram and TikTok, from cottagecore to grandmillennial style. And with that, of course, there's been a return of decor that, up until now, has felt very much stuck in the past. Unexpected pieces and patterns such as vintage pottery and chintz can now be commonly seen on social media, and even still people are embracing more and more items that were en vogue decades — and sometimes centuries — ago. The latest to gain popularity? Quilts, a growing trend that's making its way onto the radar of design lovers everywhere.

You may have noticed this type of textile in other forms lately; blanket-like clothing has been in style for a while now, showing up in pieces like patchwork jackets and quilted skirts for the past few seasons. Yet according to Kiva Motnyk, the founder of experimental textile and objects brand, Thompson Street Studio, its reemergence into modern society started before you probably realized.

"I believe that quilts have been garnering more attention since I opened the studio six years ago," she tells TZR in an email. "I was told it was a trend then, but it has only grown in popularity, and we continue to see quilting techniques translated into fashion, art, and design."

Now, due to the pandemic, they're finally gaining real traction. "There’s been steady growth in demand for these pieces, but even more so since everything has been locked down," she continues. "People are spending a lot more time at home, and want to be surrounded by special and comforting things."

In addition to that, Motnyk believes that the quilt trend has been influenced by a movement toward more intentional buying. "I think there’s been a growing awareness of where and how we spend our money, and it tends to shift toward investing in pieces that are intentionally well-made and have longevity," she explains. "People want to support small brands they believe in. Quilts inherently embody these values — they are created through traditional handwork, made from upcycled fabric scraps, and meant to be passed down to future generations."

That increased interest has translated to more options than ever before, as well as an explosion of modern, imaginative styles. You can see that not only in Thompson Street Studio's many unique versions, but in other brands like Studio Proba and Cold Picnic's imaginative pieces as well. They're even going mainstream — you can find both contemporary and vintage-inspired designs on sites like Zara Home and Target right now, further demonstrating the fact that this trend is just on the verge of explosion.

If you are compelled to purchase a quilt of your own, note that buying a well-made one is an investment — though certainly a worthy one, if you have the means. "Making a quilt is a slow, labor-intensive process," says Motnyk. "Each block is measured and cut by hand, and sewn to the neighboring blocks. The process of hand quilting the layers of fabric together takes a lot of time, requiring skill and care. I believe that skilled hand labor should not be undervalued; items made with integrity and quality are worth investing extra in."

But again, with the world's newfound love for quilted pieces, there's a growing range of options available for every style and budget. So no matter what you're looking for, there's probably an option for you out there — or in the roundup TZR has curated, ahead.

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