The Wide-Leg Jeans You’ll Wear All Summer Long

Easy and breezy.

Wide-leg jeans
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When it comes to timeless wardrobe essentials, nothing quite measures up to really good pair of jeans. Packed with styling potential, they look great alongside a black blazer, white tee, striped button-down — you get the idea. However, that’s not to say trending silhouettes don’t vary by season. This summer, for instance, everyone is setting their sights on wide-leg silhouettes. Blame it on recent approvals from A-listers like Jennifer Lawrence (who wore a La Ligne look) and Dakota Johnson (in an Anthropologie pair), but the roomy bottoms are enjoying a moment in the sun — quite literally.

It’s no wonder why these celebrity-favorite jeans are especially sought-after during the warmer months. Because, as you know, skin-tight pants and the sweltering heat are not a good mix. But a wide-leg silhouette? That’s a whole other ballpark. With its slouchy, loose fit, the chances of the bottoms sticking to you as you trek to the train station or office are very unlikely. Not to mention, the relaxed style is a nice contrast against a barely-there tank top, another summer hero piece.

The bottom line? Wide-leg jeans are set to soar in popularity over the coming months, so consider getting your hands on a pair (or two) ASAP. Below, TZR rounded up 20 of the best looks on the market.