What To Wear To A Baseball Game: A Fashion First Guide

Sports, but make it chic.

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what to wear to a baseball game

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar: You finally get a huge invite you've been waiting for, be it a big date from someone you're seeing, or an after-work get-together that makes you feel like one of the cool kids. Except the event isn't just drinks or a concert. It's a sporting event involving home runs and something called a… fly ball. You have absolutely no idea how to dress for the occasion, in other words. Knowing what to wear to a baseball game can be surprisingly tricky — especially if your style's more edited, and sporty is not part of that aesthetic.

"It’s certainly a challenge to find the sweet spot between fashionable and overdressed," says Kendall Becker, a fashion editor and trend forecaster with a wardrobe that leans heavily on elevated basics. “While dressing is always about you, it’s never fun to feel like you’re turning unwanted heads.”

Still, this can also be an opportunity to switch things up while not losing your core style. It's you, just with added baseball-chic (it’s a thing, I promise). "Overall, I recommend a “less is more” approach — forgo complicated pieces and stick to interesting basics," explains Becker. “I think this is a great opportunity to try out growing trends like the utility pant, wide leg jean, or cutout knit top.”

So, if you're dying to wear a cute, sporty outfit but couldn't care less about baseball, here are a few ways to channel "dressed for the big game" without falling headfirst into "wearing a costume."

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Start With Statement Pants Or Shorts

A little color or vibrance on your bottom half can go a long way. "Personally, depending on the weather, I’d start with a pair of sequin pants with an elastic waistband," Caroline Vazzana, stylist and author (whose style naturally leans towards bright and feminine), explains. "The elastic waistband is key so that you can enjoy your baseball game hot dog, pretzel, maybe a beer — and not feel uncomfortable."

Alternatively, try a trendy pair of utility pants, says Becker. They have a subtle workwear vibe which gives the overall effect some much-needed balance. I also love wide leg frayed jeans, like my Oliver Logan Aberdeens (which, by the way, work even on petites without feeling overwhelming). You can also never go wrong with colorful denim.

And if it’s an afternoon game in the blazing hot sun? Go for cutoff shorts with frayed hems. The extra texture adds visual interest to an otherwise basic item.

Pair With A Simple Top

To balance out a big statement on the bottom, go for an understated top. It can be a knit, a cropped shirt, a plain tee, or even a racerback bodysuit. Play around with proportions, but keep the color neutral or at least tonal. You're about to layer (see below), and it'll help harmonize your look. If you're going full sparkles on the bottom, for example, the Everlane box tee has just enough of a relaxed vibe to balance, especially if you roll up the sleeves and give it a French tuck.

Of course, keeping it simple doesn't mean you have to abandon your vibe entirely. "I’d add a T-shirt for the team playing, so then you look like you fit in but it’s really just part of the look!" says Vazzana with a laugh.

Layer In A Varsity Jacket

"Weather depending, of course, I love the idea of integrating a jacket — I think this is an easy yet cool way to feel 'sporty' without wearing literal team attire," says Becker. “[Do you] have a varsity jacket in the team’s shade or unbiased neutral? Now is the time for it to shine.”

The jacket can have the team's logo on it, obviously, or it can be ironic with all the logos, in the case of Off White. Alternatively, go with a simple oversized bomber if you want the focus to be on your pants. A jacket is the easiest way to look event-appropriate but fashionable, plus you can drape it over your shoulders or tie it around your waist if the weather warms up.

Don’t Forgot A Hat

There's a practical element to making sure your head's covered (like, your seats might be directly in the sun), but a hat is also a nice accessory that pulls the look together. A baseball cap is clearly the intuitive choice here, but you can also break out your classic bucket hat, if it matches. You don't have to stick to women's hats, either, if you want a more structured look. Just make sure it's not pulling focus.

And remember, hat hair is tragically a real thing, so once you commit to the look, you kind of commit for the whole day.

Mix In Chunky Jewelry

Adding some bling lets you work in signature, wear-every-day pieces. "This is an easy way to still feel 'fashion' without feeling like you're turning unwanted heads with an over-the-top outfit," says Becker. The best options? Think layered necklaces, charm pieces, and personal rings. Mixing metals and textures is absolutely fine here, since you're already going big.

Bonus points if your pieces share a color on your jacket or pants — that subtle match will make the look feel more intentional without being too obvious. And double bonus points if you match your manicure.

The rest of the look is up to you — just, you know, wear some sunglasses and comfy footwear, okay? Go for some neutral sneakers or slides, or, if you simply must wear heels, pick ones with a thick, supportive heel. Pro tips: Make sure to Google the bag requirements for the stadium before leaving the house — and always focus on pieces that can handle several hours of sweating in the sun or waiting in line for drinks.