Get A Pinterest-Worthy Closet With These Brilliant Organizational Buys

Bonus: They’re all under $50.

by Sophia Moore
Image Courtesy of Horderly
A walk-in closet with different organizational bins and hangers on the doors

From Bella Hadid to Selena Gomez and Kourtney Kardashian, celebrities are communicating one thing through their fashion and beauty right now: the end of summer is nigh. But a new season doesn’t just mean different clothes — you also need to properly sort and store styles that don’t work for the temperatures ahead. In other words: It’s high time to think about the best organization products for your wardrobe as you move into fall. Closet tidying can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to transitioning to lighter or heavier pieces, but TZR’s got you covered with some professional organization tips.

Nina Van Sluytman, the owner of Organized by Nina, a New York City-based organizing company, believes wholly in the importance of a clean space. “It's life-changing. When you have it together, you function better,” she says. “I’m able to do so many things, and it's because I'm organized.” For Van Sluytman, the key to success is utilizing the resources you have. “Make your space work for you,” she explains. “It's about optimizing your time to make life easier.”

One of the most common issues people face when cleaning their closet is simply way too much stuff. Jamie Hord, founder of the New York City-based organizing company Horderly, has a strict policy for balancing the items that live in your wardrobe: “1 in, 1 out! This motto will help keep your space paired down and never overflowing,” she insists. “When you bring something new in, get rid of something old.”

One thing the two experts agree on? Maximizing underutilized space. Both professional organizers recommend working with items specific to your closet to stay neat all year round. All too often, Hord sees the opposite happening for her clients, who buy products that are not specialized for their space: “The biggest mistake we see in clients' homes is that they are purchasing organizing products before they organize,” she tells TZR. “Know exactly what you need, what size, and what function it will perform before buying anything you think might get you organized!”

Van Sluytman emphasizes the importance of having a designated spot for everything. “Organizing is all about creating a system so you can just know where everything is,” she says. And part of creating these systems is implementing the right products and hacks to create lasting habits. Be it using an over-the-door organizer to make room for more shoes (always a good idea), or switching to hangers that hold extra garments, a few well-placed products can make a huge difference.

Below, TZR has sourced 12 items under $50 (!) on Amazon, all boasting A+ reviews, to help you get started on your own closet revamp.

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A must-buy? Durable bins that can serve as catch-alls. These styles come in a variety of colors and sizes to match your closet’s dimensions and aesthetic. One buyer gave these containers a five-star review for their quality and size: “The boxes are longer than they are wide which is just what I needed to maximize the depth of my shelves. ... I've liked these so much I'm going to order another set soon for another shelf!!!”

Before ordering, Van Sluytman has an easy but essential tip: “You absolutely have to take measurements [of your space],” she says. Bins are not a one-size-fits-all product, she notes.

This set of three fabric organizers from Criusia is a foolproof way to store undergarments and other small clothing items that tend to go missing. Two of the containers have 24 cells for organizing, while the third has 16 larger cells to fit bulkier items. And, the boxes come in 10 different colors so there’s sure to be one that matches the aesthetic of your wardrobe.

“These make laundry day (especially for socks and undies) SOOO much faster! I can bring the empty one to where I’m folding laundry and pop things right in the little slots. ... But the best part about these is that they are customizable. If something doesn’t fit, I can use scissors to cut out a separator here or there and it’s good to go,” one shopper wrote in a five-star review.

For handbag lovers, this hanging organizer with designated purse pockets is a game-changer. Each slot comes with a clear PVC cover to keep your purses visible but shielded from dust. There’s no necessary assembly to this organizer either, meaning you can pop it out of the package and into your closet to get your bags organized ASAP.

One shopper gave the product a five-star rating for the sheer number of items it holds: “Nifty. I was able to fit 7 clutches and 10 purses. It’s not bulky or wide, even with the purses added. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s open on both the front and back so your purses have to sit in the middle so that they don’t slide out the back. Not a big deal. My closet looks so much better!”

Investing in space-saving hangers is a little thing that will free up lots of real estate in your wardrobe. “These things are incredible,” Van Sluytman says of anti-slip vertical hangers. “Instead of taking up a ton of room, it'll cut it to a third.” And, according to Nature Smile’s product description, one anti-slip vertical hanger is equivalent to five standard hangers — a significant amount of saved space.

One buyer on Amazon praised the simplicity and effectiveness of these hangers in a five-star review: “After buying and trying it, I bought another one! I like everything about it — the fact that each hanger is easily removable, the fact that the ends are covered with material that prevents clothing to fall off of it, and the fact that it holds five items. Great idea, and nicely executed.”

If you’re a serious shoe lover, consider trying this under-the-bed shoe organizer. With the capacity to hold 12 pairs of shoes in each organizer (and a built-in dust cover), this set of two organizers is a practical space saver that doesn’t have to be an eyesore. Plus, it can be rolled and stored away when not needed.

“Was very happy with this purchase. I was looking for an organizer to store heels and wedges (shoes I don’t wear every day) under my bed,” one shopper on Amazon said in a five-star review. “As other reviewers mentioned, since the dividers are not attached to the bottom and are flexible, I was able to get creative with how I placed shoes in the sections and was able to fill the container with shoes. The height even allowed me to stand shoes up if they didn’t fit well laying down. The handles and clear top make it easy to slide out and find what I’m looking for.”

One of Van Sluytman’s favorite organizing products is vacuum storage bags. She likes using them for blankets, sweaters, and other bulky items that take up space. “They can go anywhere,” she says. “They can go under your bed if you wanted to!”

Spacesaver’s vacuum storage bags are highly-rated on Amazon, with over 59,000 five-star reviews. One buyer noted just how much space one of the jumbo bags has: “The size is great, I was able to pack two 1-inch thick queen size blankets (do not compress as much as comforters) and two twin/full blankets in one Jumbo bag — which honestly was a surprise. The package went from 28 inches down to about 11. It's been 5 days and the bag is still as it was when I first packed it. I have yet to see how these do for repeat inflation-deflation cycles but have no reason to believe they won't hold up. Overall great product, excellent value!”

Van Sluytman recommends hanging closet organizers for clients who don’t have dressers — or, you know, just own too many T-shirts for one set of drawers. “It’s secured on the rod, and using the right folding techniques, you can see every single T-shirt so you know which one you want,” she tells TZR. And, with a divided hanging organizer, like the one above, you’re able to further categorize your items to make a system that works for you.

An Amazon reviewer gave this product five stars for its ease of use: “This is wonderful!!! I was able to take my summer shorts and tanks and put them in the cubes. Able to keep them organized by color while putting by short sleeve blouses on the pole underneath. It is so nice to look into my closet and find exactly what I want without hunting around. It was so easy to install and it’s been holding all my clothes for a couple of months now. It is well worth the price to declutter/organize your closet.”

These plastic storage baskets from Pinkpum are one way to build vertically and fit more items in less space. With a variety of size and quantity options as well, you can select the combination of baskets that works best for your needs. Hord recommends stackable items that “can be used to create extra prime real estate for items.”

One buyer commented on their convenience: “I’ve used 14 of these to organize 2 weeks’ worth of clothes, pills, and breakfasts for a couple of months now. Every two weeks I can batch all of that prep and my stuff is exactly where I need it to get a quick start in the morning/evening. When I finish using one, I can fold it up for compact storage until the next prep session. 100% recommended.”

This over-the-door organizer from Amazon Basics has over 22,000 five-star reviews. One shopper wrote, “Easy on the budget and a simple way to organize 10 pairs of shoes. This hangs easily over a closet door with the 3 included ‘L’ brackets. This should take you no more than 2 minutes to put in place — it really is just that easy. ... As a result, all my shoes are now out of the closet, convenient to access, and easy to store.”

Hord and Van Sluytman both recommend over-the-door shoe organizers as a staple in tidying your wardrobe. Hord tells TZR that this buy helps “take advantage of that underutilized space and can be used for much more than just shoes!” Van Sluytman also loves playing around with folding techniques to try putting tank tops and other little clothing items into the pockets.

This acrylic, multi-tiered jewelry organizer is a great alternative to larger jewelry trees. The first three tiers of the container have 15 small slots, while the fourth tier has six medium slots, and the fifth tier has two larger sections to provide multiple options for pieces of all sizes.

“I am very pleased with this jewelry box. I bought it to store my many pairs of earrings and the configuration of the drawers is perfect,” said one happy customer in her Amazon review. “Best of all, it doesn't take up too much room on top of my dresser while still holding a lot. It's also pretty cute. A five-star purchase for sure.”

If you’re looking to build more space outside of your closet, but want to maintain a clean aesthetic in your room, this wire cube organizer from Homidec is perfect for you. Though assembly is required for this product, reviewers noted its easy assembly — especially since the organizer comes with its own hammer.

One shopper, who gave the cubbies five stars, wrote: “Product is as described, very sturdy, easy to assemble and disassemble. I use it to display my products and that's more than 36lbs weight so far. I love that it uses feet, not connectors, at the base of wire cubes. It is compact and lightweight for easy transport.”

Something else Van Sluytman loves? These expandable drawer dividers, which are great for keeping different items separated within your drawers to avoid unnecessary clutter. “It just basically keeps the clothes where they’re supposed to be,” she says, “And you can even label them!” Van Sluytman swears by adding labels to drawer dividers to create clear sections for different articles of clothing, to enforce an organizational system and create a long-term habit.

“These are amazing. They def help you stay organized. Perfect if you don’t have a lot of space. I keep ordering more. I now have them in most of my drawers. They are very easy to install and they don’t wobble or move once they are installed. I would def recommend these highly,” one buyer said in a five-star review.