32 Small Jewelry Brands That Your Favorite Influencers Love — & Constantly Wear

They should all be on your radar.

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When you’re in need of outfit inspiration, chances are, you turn to your favorite influencers on the ‘gram. In addition to serving up some unique styling techniques, you’ll also find that these fashionable individuals are constantly wearing the industry’s coolest under-the-radar labels. From shoes to jewelry, they’re usually the first to know about them. When it comes to the latter, some of the top influencers around the world revealed to TZR their go-to small jewelry brands. No matter if your aesthetic is minimalist or maximalist, you’ll discover plenty of stunning gems that fit your personal fashion taste.

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The cool part here is since the jewelry brands highlighted below are from all over the world, you'll be wearing something special and sometimes, one-of-a-kind from a country you might not have ever even been to. Take Marlene Juhl Jørgensen, the brand Vanessa Hong is currently obsessing over, which creates extravagant jewels from a studio in Copenhagen. Or one of Anne-Laure Mais Moreau's favorite jewelry brands at the moment, Anissa Kermiche, that's based out of London. And for 'modern classic with an edgy twist', as the brand describes itself, look to MI MANERA, Oumayma Elboumeshouli's new discovery from Thailand.

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Below, find 32 small jewelry brands that influencers are loving these days. Any of these labels will instantly upgrade your jewelry collection.

We only include products that have been independently selected by The Zoe Report's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Lizzie Mandler

"Lizzie's designs are timeless and sophisticated with an artisan feel. I recently bought The Edgy Pinky Ring and the Medium Chain Hoops." — Linda Tol, @lindatol_

Marlene Juhl Jørgensen

“I’m a big fan of Marlene Juhl Jørgensen. She’s a friend of mine and she makes incredible, artisanal one-of-a-kind pieces from her shop and studio in Copenhagen. I just got a signet ring made & it gives me so much joy." — Vanessa Hong, @vanessahong


"There are so many things I love about this brand. One of the reasons I agreed to a collaboration with them is that they were so supportive of a portion of proceeds going to charities of my choice. Since the launch, we've donated to anti-drunk driving efforts and Australian fire relief. They are also female-owned by two amazing women of color, Stella, and Ali." — Jordan Santos, @jordanrisa


"I love 79hour because you can wear it every day — it's very easy to wear and it will directly upgrade your outfit!" — Anne-Laure Mais Moreau, @annelauremais

The Last Line

"The Last Line is a fun brand with great packaging and super high-quality jewelry, with a variety of price points." — Molly Blutstein, @accidentalinfluencer

Wolf Circus

"I love Wolf Circus because they have a small selection of jewelry and it’s all very beautiful. I think it’s important to keep things minimal so as to not create more waste. They also are very conscious about the way they make their jewelry to create a lower impact on the environment." — Bianca Valle, @vbiancav

Monica Sordo

"I love Monica Sordo because the jewelry looks like pieces you picked out of nature." — Oumayma Elboumeshouli, @oumaymaboumeshouli

All Blues

"I personally think that 95 percent of all the jewelry in the world is boring. However, I do think it's important that a piece of jewelry is timeless and versatile. All Blues manages to create minimal pieces that you somehow can't stop looking at." — Stephanie Broek, @stephaniebroek

Tohum Design

"I love Tohum jewelry, not only the design ... I'm a huge fan of its seashells series ... but also because the woman behind the brand is a great person who brings good energy around her. You feel it on her jewels, especially the ones in crystal." — Chloé Harrouche, @louloudesaison

Blue Billie

"Blue Billie has a small but significant selection of esthetically pleasing jewels, which catch the attention without being aggressive. They have great statement pieces such as the Sun Hoops, and also amazing basics like hoops and the selection of basic necklace chains." — Ilenia Toma, @ileniatoma_

Lulu Frost

"I’m a huge fan of Lulu Frost and the founder Lisa, they actually helped produce my line of jewelry, and have always been just the nicest people to work with. Lisa and I both share a love of vintage jewelry so we bonded over that BIG TIME. The jewelry is just beyond beautiful. I discovered the brand about two years ago on Moda Operandi. I rarely like contemporary jewelry, but I saw a pair of earrings by Lulu Frost that were so gorgeous I had to buy them. Only later did I find out that these were one of a kind and comprised of deconstructed elements of vintage jewelry ... no wonder I liked them so much! It’s a great way to recycle but also is just right up my alley aesthetically. " — Jenny Walton, @jennymwalton


"I’m supporting the small jewelry brand Bagatiba, which is made both sustainably and ethically. On top of that, the founder, Jessie Andrews, is such a strong empowered woman and one of the kindest people I’ve met in the industry." — Michelle Salem, @michellesalem

Voodoo Jewels

"I support small Italian brands like Voodoo Jewels and Alessandra Camilla Milano. I love the creativity, the quality, and they're entirely made in Italy from the packaging to the jewels." — Erika Boldrin, @erika_boldrin

Anissa Kermiche

"My favorite jewelry brands at the moment are Anissa Kermiche and 79hour. Anissa is my friend, and I just think she is very, very talented. All of her pieces are very original but timeless at the same time." — Anne-Laure Mais Moreau


"I just bought a piece from Aureum and I love that the style is very minimalistic but also carries the vintage aesthetic. Aurate is also another sustainable brand. They have some of the cutest dainty necklaces and rings which you can mix and match and customize to your personal aesthetic." — Serena Goh, @serenagoh


"I've been wearing RainbowK a lot lately, actually almost every day. I got a customized white gold and diamond ring that I'm obsessed with. The brand plays with colors and you can accumulate loads of their pieces. I really enjoy the way the designers get inspired by vintage and art deco, and manage to get those very unique and modern designs." — Estelle Chemouny, @estellechemouny

Sabrina SL

"She's [Sabrina Sun] my favorite jewelry designer and a very good friend of mine. She's now venturing into clothing as well, which is beautiful! Sabrina SL is all about pieces made with the heart with a strong belief in sustainability. Each piece is designed and produced right here in New York City. You'll find stunning and subtle shapes of faces, fruit, circles, and hearts in both statement and understated sizes. I feel each piece really tells a story and can be mixed and matched. The way she uses brass and sterling silver feels homemade." — Natalie Lim Suarez, @natalieoffduty


"She’s so sweet and her brand uses recycled jewels to make their beautiful pieces." — Cecilia Gorgon, @ceciliagorgon

Brinker & Eliza

"Brinker & Eliza is a lovely mother and daughter brand and is all about statement pieces, especially their showstopper necklace. The pieces level up every look. Oh and they are handmade, so you can clearly see the love in each piece." — Ilenia Toma

Sophie Bille Brahe

"My current and forever favs are always Danish. I got myself a cute pearl cross, which is stunning and gives my outfits a splash of ‘90s, the decade I am enjoying the most at the moment. I love that her pieces are classic, but yet also very modern." — Camille Charriere, @camillecharriere

Jenny Bird

"I'm supporting Jenny Bird, which is a Canadian-based company that creates unique, fun, wearable pieces. I wear them daily, and I even sleep with a few of these items on. I admire the designer herself, Jenny, and her craft. She is the representation of a true artist. Her pieces are unique, timeless, and created with love and care. She creates jewelry that is structured, which reminds me of sculptures. The quality is always a priority for the designer. Plus, I visited her studio in Toronto once, so we now share a more close, intimate relationship. That is what's great about small designers — you get to know them, bond with them, and create this sort of closeness you never get from bigger brands." — Gabrielle Lacasse, @dentellefleurs

Blackcurrant Pop

"I wear a lot of jewelry and feel that it is an important part of my outfit. It’s that little extra! Right now I am wearing a lot of jewelry from Blackcurrant Pop and from Mathe Jewelry. These are independent designers that make eye-catching, colorful pieces that really go well with my style." — Nnenna Echem, @nnennaechem

Natia x Lako

"I love her earrings, they are inspired by animals and insects. I own a pair of crocodiles and I always get compliments when I wear them. I like to wear them with a minimal look to finish it off." — Oumayma Elboumeshouli

By Alona

"By Alona gives you that statement chunky gold piece when you’re wanting to make an outfit feel bold and adventurous." — Bettina Looney, @bettinalooney

Louis Abel

"I am supporting Louis Abel and Blue Billie. They are both run by really cool millennials who give everything and more into their business and use jewelry as a way to express themselves artistically which I love. To me, jewelry is super personal, which is why I like all my accessories to be well thought through. I am drawn to simple pieces with a fun twist to them, and when I find something I like, I wear it 24 hours a day, seven days a week." — Fanny Ekstrand, @fannyekstrand

MDG Jewelry

"MDG Jewelry is so unique with beautifully detailed pieces that you don’t often see other brands making, which I love!" — Molly Blutstein

Laura Lombardi

"Laura Lombardi is another brand that I love. Not only is the brand sustainable — solely working with raw and recycled metals — but you can see that each piece is like a piece of art." — Serena Goh


"It's a label from Thailand I recently discovered when I was there. I love that they feature pearls perfectly in their jewelry." — Oumayma Elboumeshouli


"Daphine are the heirlooms you scrummage through with your mom that she then passes down to you. I wear Daphine day-to-day and it reminds me of my mother, while also feeling like home." — Bettina Looney


"I recently discovered Mayol and Mi Manera. Mayol is all about poppy colors, oversize beads, and chunkiness. I think it's important to support smaller brands that might not make it out of this crisis, and of course your own personal favorites." — Anne Johannsen, @annejohannsen

Phine Jewelry

"I support Phine jewelry because I like Elina’s story. She’s a lawyer turned jewelry designer. All of her bold designs are produced in-house with recycled materials and fair traded gold. We’re at a time where we are going to have to change the way we shop, and to me, it feels right to support small designers such as Élina." — Elizabeth Delphine, @slipintostyle


"Aurate is also another sustainable brand. They have some of the cutest dainty necklaces and rings that you can mix and match and customize to your personal aesthetic." — Serena Goh

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