Rachel Zoe’s New Partnership With Express Is Opening Doors For Aspiring Stylists

She chats with TZR about her new role.

Courtesy Of Express
Rachel Zoe Is Express' New Style Mentor

Rachel Zoe, a fashion industry guru, isn’t one to gatekeep her breadth of expertise. Case in point: Back in 2021, she teamed up with Express as the retailer’s lead style editor. And over the past two years, the entrepreneur has coached aspiring stylists on the ins and outs of the industry through online workshops and interactive events. It’s quite fitting then on May 16, Zoe announced she’s continuing her partnership with Express as its new style mentor. In this position, she will assist in further growing the brand’s coveted program by sharing her insider tips and tricks with a community of fashion enthusiasts.

“Being a style mentor is something I’m very comfortable with because I’ve been styling my entire life at this point,” Zoe tells TZR over the phone. For anyone who needs a refresher on her illustrious career, she’s worked with A-listers like Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence. However, you don’t get to this level without hard work, persistence, and a strong community behind you, which is why Zoe is more than happy to help individuals make those connections. She tells TZR that she would have loved being in a program like the one Express offers back when she first started out in the styling world. “To create the guidance and [offer] that help and mentorship is really the dream,” Zoe shares.

What specific sartorial advice will Zoe provide to the style editors? For one, she emphasizes the importance of understanding the customer you’re working with as everyone is different. Additionally, Zoe says it’s of the utmost importance to take the time to truly understand someone’s lifestyle in order to provide the best fashion tips possible. Moreover, those in the program can expect to learn the tricks of the trade that others may not be privy to — as for what the “tricks” are, well, you’ll just have to join Express’ Style Editor program to find out! You can apply here. On top of being mentored by Zoe, you’ll also have access to discounts at Express, store events, and other perks.