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This Season, I’m All About The Non-Traditional Trench Coat

Next time it rains... I will definitely be poorer.

Written by Ariel Bielsky
Edward Berthelot/Getty Images
Woman wearing two-toned black and white belted non-traditional trench coat.

As someone who avoids getting wet at all costs, you won’t find me unprepared on a rainy day, particularly when it comes to outerwear. But while an all-weather coat’s first function is to keep me warm and dry, it also is the main focal point of all my outfits — if that part doesn’t work, nothing else will. (It’s honestly an inconvenience when I have to take it off because my top layer is the main character of my look and I’m just here to support.) The particular style I’ve been eyeing for unpredictable forecasts this fall? All the innovative untraditional trench coats out there right now.

Popularized during World War I, the trench coat continues to be the paradigm of fashion following form and function — even over 100 years after its inception. And while I love timeless versions of the silhouette in all its iconic khaki glory, this season I’m ready to shake things up with some leather, denim, and deconstructed designs from designers like Alexander McQueen and Monse.

From cropped shapes to pleated fabric, there are so many fresh ways to approach the timeless trench — and they all make a statement. Ahead, shop the 11 anything-but-boring options on my current wish list.

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Levi's x Sami Miro
Porterhouse Circle Pocket Trench
Levi’s x Sami Miro Vintage? This is the upcycled collab we didn’t know we needed. The oversized patchwork denim mixed with a one-of-a-kind factor (no two items are the same) makes this something you should probably add to your cart before it’s too late.