Meet The Reusable Tote Bag Fashion Girls Can't Stop Wearing

From the farmers’ market to the bodega and everywhere in between.

by Samantha Costantino
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In our collective progress towards a greener future, reusable tote bags have become both a functional and fashionable accessory to have on hand for all of your shopping endeavors. With over 400 cities having implemented a tax on plastic bags (or a ban on the item altogether), grabbing a reusable tote before heading out the door has become almost second nature. There are many ways to do your part towards a more sustainable planet — and here we have one that not only reduces the use of plastic, but can elevate your street style, too.

Designers throughout the industry have given us plenty of style-first takes on the new and improved grocery bag, with fashion girls going for maximalist moments that fit right in the trending prints of summer. Think: fresh and fun reusable tote bags featuring bold colors and graphic designs that are bound to make a statement wherever you go.

Of course, if simplicity is more your thing, clean canvas totes will never go out of style, and there are plenty of subtly on-trend options for you to choose from. Ready to refresh your on-the-go style? Keep scrolling to shop stylish and reusable totes that will make your shopping trip (and outfit) complete.

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