With Winter Temps Looming, TZR Editors Are Stocking Up On These Essentials

Grab your cozy outerwear.

Winter essentials, boots, watches, handbags, pants, shoes, and jackets on a light blue background

With 2021 seeing a return in cheerful, over-the-top dressing, it seems winter will be no exception to this standard. From New York to Los Angeles, TZR editors are indulging in all manner of festive winter fashion essentials that not only reflect their distinct aesthetics but also the current times.

Yes, in case you hadn’t heard, many holiday celebrations, gatherings, and events are in full swing again, and our favorite designers and retailers have us all but prepared. Sultry cutout bodysuits, high-octane turtlenecks and sweaters in fun colorways and patterns, sleek and shiny leather skirts and pants, and of course boots galore are all on deck and ready for the taking. And while dressing this season may be all fun and games, there’s also a practicality component that can’t be denied, particularly for those living on the East Coast. In fact, all of our editors have noted investing in at least one sturdy outerwear item each year, ranging from classic trenchcoat styles to nylon puffers.

If you, too, are ready to stock up on some festive winter essentials early this year, take note of what TZR’s staff has on their wish lists.

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“It's been a full two months since I started going into the office again, and while I don't take for granted the opportunity to dress up again and to explore the fun, creative ways to put together an outfit, I find myself in a constant tug of war between wanting to overdress and resorting to comfort, as my body has not caught up to my enthusiasm. Even wearing hard shoes for a day, albeit flats, has been an adjustment walking around New York City again between appointments and events. But, I realized that I've been going at it all wrong, and for years.

Somewhere along the way, I've been conditioned to think that high heels equate to dressing up. But, that doesn't have to be the case. My approach this winter, and here on out, is to start with the one piece that may be a little bit ‘extra’ for the occasion, like a one-shoulder Maximilian bodysuit in this case, styled with pieces that are comfortable yet still polished.” — Kathy Lee, Editor-In-Chief

"As a Leo, I'm very loyal to the sun, but I can't deny how much I love dressing for colder weather. I see it as more of an opportunity to play around with layers and create a unique look that really feels like you. This winter, I'm partial to the knit vest trend — this checkered style is particularly gorgeous. I plan on wearing it with trousers in an unexpected peachy brown, a slouchy jacket, square-toed loafers (with a sheer sock for a dash of pattern mixing), and a subtle statement bag. I try to veer away from dressing in head-to-toe black, even in New York and even when it's freezing, but keeping each piece in a similar color family helps to keep the look cohesive. Add in my favorite seasonless accessory — an investment watch — and you're ready to face the chill in style." — Hannah Baxter, Deputy Beauty Editor

“It sounds obvious, but a warm coat is always my first priority come winter. However, this season I wasn't interested in a puffer jacket or a cropped shearling number; I wanted a long, fuzzy outerwear piece that would make a style statement, but also last me for years to come. After thorough research, I landed on Stand Studio's faux fur coat, which buttons up to my neck (a must for me) and features a checkerboard print that adds a fun intrigue for the eyes. Since I do get cold easily, I'll top off my outerwear with a textured black hat, which matches the squares on my coat. Finally, a pop of mustard (yellow is trending this season) by way of a handbag ties my whole winter outfit together.” — Marina Liao, Senior Fashion News Editor

“My personal style is laid-back, and a mix of classic and quirky. I envision myself sliding into this quirky-chic winter look for my weekly Saturday morning stroll to the Brooklyn farmers market. It's a 20-minute walk from my apartment, and is an event that's surprisingly fashion-forward. People put effort into outfits solely for the purpose of browsing eggs, kale, and cheese. But, since it's best to make it there before noon (before the good produce gets snapped up), the event is still relaxed. It's about taking it slow, cappuccino in hand, even if those attending are dressed in head-to-toe designer. Read: loafers instead of heeled boots, and luxe coats paired back to slouchy jeans.” — Aemilia Madden, Senior Fashion Editor

“My philosophy for winter dressing is really anchored in practicality and comfort, wrapped up in effortless cool. Before the fall chill even began I was on the hunt for the perfect leather pants, and I secured a pleated faux style from Aritzia, which I’ll be wearing well into the cold months ahead. In addition to leather pants, the Fear Of God Essentials knit hoodie is elevated yet comfortable enough to wear in the office and at home. As for my shoe of choice, most winters I usually reach for boots, but this season, I'm turning to some ever-so-edgy chunky loafers. Not only do they give me a bit of height (without the pain of heels), but they’re perfect for more formal events. And, of course, no winter outfit would be complete without a coat, and I like mine so big I'm practically drowning in them. There’s just something about an oversized wool coat that just makes me feel safe, comfy, and kind of powerful in an unbothered way.” — Annie Blay, Associate Beauty News Editor

“Let’s be honest, in my city of sunny Los Angeles, it’s rare for the winter weather to dip below 60 degrees. That said, I run cold, so as soon as I feel any semblance of a chill, I reach for my cozy separates, accessories, and heavier outerwear. And as I find myself out and about a bit more this season, I plan on dressing accordingly, stocking up on all the luxe items I only dreamt of wearing during last year’s sweatpants reign. Rich suede skirts, buttery soft turtlenecks (in vibrant, funky prints and colorways!), and sleek knee-high boots are giving me something to celebrate, even if it’s just Sunday brunch with friends. And, while this may seem like an unnecessary and unpractical purchase for West Coast living, I always invest in a luxe heavy coat every year, and this season’s fur-lined parka by Prada is simply irresistible. Hey, we do have mountains in California and if I have to head to one to wear this jacket, so be it. While last year’s dressing theme may have been practicality-focused, this year’s is undoubtedly more about sheer indulgence.” — Angela Melero, Executive Editor