The Planter Style Everyone Loves Just Got Yara Shahidi’s Stamp Of Approval

It's pretty easy to see why.

Yara Shahidi / Instagram

There's no denying the world has seen a boom in the popularity of houseplants — and with that explosion has come a drastic increase in the planter selection. Nowadays, everyone sells vessels in which to grow your greenery, and the variety is staggering. Yet despite the overwhelming range to choose from, there's one style that's dominated all the others for years (and is still going strong today). No, it's not the clay terra cotta pots you're probably thinking of; rather, it's the mid-century modern style that everyone — seriously, everyone — has purchased. The simple piece is so ubiquitous, even influencers and celebrities like Yara Shahidi have added the minimalist planters to their homes.

Not sure which piece that is, exactly? Just think back to, well, nearly every picture you've seen on Instagram of houseplants, ever. Chances are, there was a plain cylindrical planter, probably white, sitting on top of a sleek wooden or golden plant stand. While it might seem overdone or cliché at this point, its continued use proves it's popular for a reason — and considering even stars are still giving it their blessing, it's not likely you're going to see it die down any time soon.

Just look to a recent video Shahidi posted of herself dancing to "Best Friend" by Saweetie. Her house in the background shows not one, but two of this planter style in white and gold sitting on either side of her door. Though the rest of her decor appears to be relatively traditional, the pieces still fit right in, proving their perfect simplicity and versatility.

Shahidi isn't the only star to give these planters her stample of approval, either. Celebrities like Lauren Conrad and tastemakers such as Jungalow founder Justina Blakeney have included versions in their homes, further demonstrating that these planters deserve a spot in your yours, too, no matter how popular they become. In other words, it's time to start shopping a few for your own space, so TZR has rounded up a few picks to help you get started, below.

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