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The ‘House Of Gucci’ Home Is Now Available On Airbnb — For One Night Only

It’s as luxurious as you’d expect.

Photo by Bruno Erhs

The forthcoming House of Gucci movie is said to be over-the-top in many ways, but it seems one of the most ridiculously opulent parts of the film is the Gucci family patriarch Aldo Gucci’s home. The place in question? In real life, it’s the Villa Balbiano, a palazzo located on the western shore of Lake Como. The massive private residence looks straight out of a fairy tale, though if it’s part of yours, you may be interested to know that staying there is no longer simply just a dream. In fact, the exact Villa Balbiano from House of Gucci is now on Airbnb — and available to book as of Dec. 6 at 12 p.m. ET.

Though it won’t exactly come cheap. No, this isn’t part of a contest; rather, the host is offering a one-night stay, available on Airbnb on March 30, 2022 for for one guest and a plus one at 1000 euros for the night. That said, the lucky booker will obviously get a lot, including a night in the master suite and access to Villa Balbiano’s amenities — the first four floors of the home, the outdoor swimming pool, private pier, and boathouse.

Of course, the opportunity isn’t just cool because of the home’s size and general luxuriousness. Villa Balbiano has an impressive history: It once belonged to the Cardinal Tolomeo Gallio, who used it as his main residence after building it at the end of the 16th century (!!!). It was also expanded by Cardinal Angelo Maria Durini a century later, and frequently hosted festivals, banquets, and dances for a “gallant and frivolous society.”

Photos by Bruno Erhs

It’s also one of the largest homes on Italy’s Lake Como, and features a garden distinguished by the British Society of Garden Designers. On the inside, there are 17th-century frescoes painted by the Recchi brothers and Agostino Silva, as well as objets d’art and furniture from previous centuries. The six suites in the main palazzo are each designed by interior decorator Jacques Garcia.

There’s a lot to impress, but let’s be real — very few will need much motivation at all to try to book this stay. So mark your calendar, set your alarms, and tell Siri to remind you to head to the villa’s listing on Airbnb on Dec. 6 at 12 p.m. ET to try to make this dream of a stay a reality. Buona fortuna!